Doit Software Solutions Takes Over

Doit Software Solutions Inc. has recently taken over Pioneer portal in free online gaming and fun games, where people have been coming to play their favorite games since its inception in 2005. For some it is nostalgic, a dedicated user base constantly has been visiting mostfungames to play their favorite games since childhood.

With over 2,00,000 registered players this website is a hidden gem for old and new. Built on fading technology Doit Software Solutions Inc has taken over to redo and create a new experience for customers who have been eager to see new games added to the website. Future is bright, and Doit is looking forward to introducing some of the best HTML5 games to keep the gaming spirit up. Games like skull kid have been around for long, but the new genre looks for games with better graphics and more excitement. Look out for constant addition of new and shiny games to your favorite portal.

Source: Doit Software Solutions


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