Dog Lodge Sanctuary, a Unique Concept for Providing a Life-Long Home for Senior/Special Needs Dogs Opens Its Doors: A Labor of Love Realized.

Dog Lodge Sanctuary is a Texas-based 501(c)(3) organization located on 60 acres in Hempstead, Tx. dedicated to providing a permanent home for senior and/or special needs dogs that otherwise might face a very bleak future but in the right environment can still lead a quality life. We are focused on providing a safe, loving, healthy and stable environment for our dogs so that they may know peace and dignity for the rest of their lives. The primary function of Dog Lodge is to come to the rescue of dogs that are, for all intents and purposes, considered “unadoptable” because of advanced age or because they have chronic illness or physical disabilities. The Sanctuary is an alternative to life on the streets, abuse, neglect, fighting, and euthanasia. Here is an opportunity for those dogs to be in a place where they can belong; where they can be happy, where all their special needs can be met – where they can love and be loved.

Dog Lodge Sanctuary is now open and operational. Founders Rick Laminack and Elaine Rosen have turned their passion into reality and have made a significant financial investment to open Phase 1 which consists of two buildings.  The first building holds the grooming room, laundry room, sanctuary office, food prep and storage area, and a 26’ x 80’combined training/therapy/exercise room.  The dog accommodations are in the second building along with a large living room for the dogs, a volunteer break room, and a private vet clinic for the convenience of our visiting veterinarians. 

Recently quoted in Houston’s Pet Talk Magazine Rick and Elaine stated, “Our investigation ultimately helped us to identify our mission. On the surface, the “system” for handling homeless dogs that is in place not only in Houston but all over the country seems like it could work; meaning ideally, that homeless dogs are brought into a shelter or rescue and then rehomed.  But, as everyone knows, it’s not that simple.  The number of dogs that need rehoming is staggering so even if the system were able to run without a hitch; it would certainly be strained. What happens, for example, when a dog enters the system, and it is difficult or even impossible to rehome or, at least rehome in a timely manner?  The system backs up, fills up and slows down. Dogs that might otherwise come into the system and be adopted relatively easily can't even get to that point because there’s no room. So we decided to build a sanctuary – a dog sanctuary that would take in some of the very dogs that are so problematic for rescues and shelters.”

Dog Lodge Sanctuary also has an educational component to its mission with the newly developed Dog Lodge Radio: Animal Issues That Matter, an internet radio/podcast show that will have in-studio guests and various segments dealing with various animal welfare issues and topics. In addition, Rick and Elaine are happy to share their experience of building and establishing Dog Lodge with anyone who might be considering a similar venture.

Please visit our website at to learn about holiday donations to help support this impactful sanctuary, become a volunteer, watch and listen to Dog Lodge Radio and learn more about this labor of love and how you can get involved. Dog Lodge can also be contacted via Facebook at Doglodgetx (don’t forget to follow us) or by emailing

NOTE: Private tours of Dog Lodge Sanctuary can be arranged. All media inquiries are welcome, and we encourage site visits, interviews with our founders, and feature stories to help us create awareness of the impact of such sanctuaries. The full article from Houston’s Pet Talk Magazine can be found here:

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