Does Your Solicitor Have Your Best Interests at Heart?

Lee Kirton of Tylers Solicitors speak today about how to make a choice of solicitor, what to look for and how to tell if they have your best interests at heart.

Lee Kirton of Tylers Solicitors Manchester speaks today about how to make a choice of solicitor, what to look for and how to tell if they have your best interests at heart.

Lee goes on to say... "Choosing a solicitor may be one of the most important decisions you have to make in your adult life. Since the surge of information on the internet has gone tenfold with every plumber, florist and handyman fulfilling some sort of exposure in the hope that they can increase their amount of work and secondly, portray a professional, reliable image. It is now 5 times faster and accessible to find the information we are looking for on demand. Google's ability to pull up relevant results for a user is an incomprehensible algorithm we will never understand, but is executed very well. It is very rare that you will not find what you where searching for on page 1. However, this shouldn't stop you from making the overall decision."

"When looking for a solicitor, it can be a difficult and stressful time. Some parts of solicited law can be drawn out and take months due to the complicated matters at hand. It is fundamental to find a reputable solicitor you can trust to take on your case where you are able to build a mutual working relationship with. Some solicitors specialise in personal injury while others specialise in family law or laws such as conveyancing. Whatever area of help you are seeking, Law and soliciting can be a mind field when it comes to the information so, it is important you prepare a set of questions to arrange to ask before allowing them to proceed with your requests. "

Lee then went on to outline a few simple questions you should consider in your search for finding a reputable solicitor:

Should you consider professional expertise and experience?

"Yes, this is an important question to ask for many reasons. Firstly, ensuring they lawfully practice as a solicitor will not only ensure they are qualified to do so but they will be experienced in their field. Look out for Badges from Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), IBA, APIL. In order to be apart of these legal authorities, each solicitor has a member number which anyone can request to check if the solicitor is registered to practice."

Should I check out their website?

"Yes, if they have one. They can provide very useful in your search. A website is a guide to finding where they are located, their contact details. Some websites can look better than others, but don't be put off, it is the information you need to focus on. Testimonials are important as they provide reviews of other customers who are pleased with the solicitor they used. Don't be afraid of asking a solicitor for other testimonials written or otherwise. If they have them, they will be only too pleased to show you them."

Is it important to use a local solicitor?

"Yes, solicitors that are local can deliver a more personal service. This doesn't mean it has to be on your door step but you can consider companies who are in a parameter of your address. Like any other business, communication is imperative so find out how they manage your case with you. For example if you live in Wigan, you could search for "solicitors in Wigan". Look out for results that are highlighted for Wigan. You can guarantee that Google has identified results on a website relating to Wigan."

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