Does Your Relationship Pass the Kiss Test?

Love Destination's 'How To Be An Amazing Kisser' series deciphers the secret body language of the kiss

Does Your Relationship Pass The Kiss Test

​How healthy is your relationship? According to Katia Loisel, relationship and body language expert and host of the new Love Destination series How To Be An Amazing Kisser, a kiss does more than just feel good. Kissing also reveals our intentions and the level of emotional and physical intimacy in our relationship. 

“The kiss is one of our most powerful forms of non-verbal communication that provides vital clues about our compatibility and intentions,” said Loisel.

According to Loisel, the language of love is non-verbal. "Our bodies send out over 10,000 signals during every interaction and kiss that provide clues as to how we feel about our partner,” she revealed.

Kisses Can't Be Faked

“When you’re into a kiss, the orientating reflex draws us closer. Attraction also causes our lips to engorge making them plump and warm. It can also temporarily block brain impulses that control the lower jaw, causing the jaw to drop and lips to part,” she said. “So, if they’re leaning away and their lips are cold, hard and pressed together, something is wrong.”

Kissing can also provide clues about someone’s intentions. “If it’s early on and they’re always going straight to a passionate kiss with little tenderness or avoid kissing altogether, chances are they’re just after a casual fling,” she said.

For couples, the way they kiss can also reveal underlying issues. Loisel says that while it’s normal for physical desire to wane, lack of affection shouldn’t be ignored. “If you’ve gone from passion-fueled kisses to barely a kiss on the cheek it could be an indication your relationship needs work,” explains Loisel.

Resentment can get in the way of desire. With long-term couples, emotional and physical intimacy often go hand in hand. We’re simply more likely to want to get intimate when we feel understood and appreciated. 

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