doeLEGAL's Ascent eDiscovery Services Now Include Ipro's Active Learning Solution

doeLEGAL's Ascent eDiscovery™ services now include Active Learning to manage the eDiscovery phases using Ipro's ADD Review solution, complete with rich functionality capable of easily processing and reviewing documents.


doeLEGAL includes Ipro's Active Learning into its latest Ascent eDiscovery™ services to add increased value for clients. Law firms and corporate legal departments rely on Ascent eDiscovery™ services to manage their litigation lifecycle through the eDiscovery phases. Ipro's ADD Review solution is a comprehensive eDiscovery suite with rich functionality capable of easily handling eDiscovery tasks. Advanced technology provides legal teams with tools such as Early Case Assessment, EDD Processing, Hosted Review, and Analysis & Reporting, focusing on minimizing the review burden, improving review efficiency and accuracy, and reducing litigation costs.

The Active Learning component in Ascent eDiscovery allows access to the robust advanced enhancements. Active Learning quickly and accurately prioritizes documents by relevancy. Document batches can now be enabled with Active Learning. When reviewing documents in a batch, relevant documents are front-loaded to be prioritized into review and constantly re-prioritized based on the document review. Ipro's Active Learning flexibility allows review teams to decide whether they will use algorithm results to prioritize documents into a full eyes-on review or to use a more advanced approach of suspending review when statistical metrics reach a reasonable level. From the document review pass reporting, case administrators can view metrics to monitor the Active Learning training process.

Some enhancements now available to doeLEGAL clients:

  • Copy Previous Tagging - Allows copying tags from previously viewed document.
  • Creation of Sub Tags - a right-click menu enables Subtags to be created within the Document Viewer.
  • Redact Entire Page - Enables redacting entire pages with one-click.
  • Persistent Redaction Button - Once enabled, stays active when moving to next document.
  • Redaction Navigation - Reviewers can quickly navigate between individual document page redactions.
  • Export Tally Results - Includes an export option when using the Tally feature.
  • User Interface (UI) - Improved look and feel of the ADD Review user interface.

"Adding Active Learning functionality to Ipro's advanced technology, doeLEGAL's clients gain enhanced capabilities to manage their document processing and review. Tech-savvy clients rely on doeLEGAL to help leverage the best legal technology available. We take that trusted partnership very seriously. Active Learning is another way we can continue to incorporate the latest improvements into Ascent eDiscovery™ service offerings," stated Bruce Kuennen, doeLEGAL's president & CEO.

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