Documate's Automation Platform Supports Lawvex in Creating Legal Apps and Developing Their Own DIY Personal Property Memorandum

The escalation of the coronavirus pandemic has motivated people to finalize estate planning during unpredictable times; Lawvex is taking steps to ensure that families are able to get their affairs in order during this time of uncertainty

​​​Lawvex, LLP — a Central California systems-driven trust and estates law firm has been an early adopter of innovative legal technology offerings since 2009. Lawvex recently utilized Documate’s document automation tools to create their own do-it-yourself Personal Property Memorandum in an effort to perform at the highest level of productivity during a time of social distancing and avoiding unnecessary interactions. The Personal Property Memorandum is the first in a series of Lawvex automated estate planning tools to be released as part of their “DIY Estate Planning Toolbox”.

Lawvex founder and Managing Attorney, Gary Winter, has been pleased with the feedback from the clients and members of the community who have visited the site, watched the tutorial videos and created their own Personal Property Memorandum without attorney involvement. Winter is optimistic about the scope of what Lawvex will do with Documate, stating:

"Our vision is to pair education with tech, for example, tutorial videos with online self-help resources for our clients and the community to become better educated to create solutions themselves unless complexity factors require more. This is a uniquely distinguishing feature of law firms that deploy their own tech solutions versus pure online form stores. We can automate the simple, but when matters escalate due to complexity, we are also able to teach our users how to recognize that complexity and offer an upsell to traditional legal services. This way, we drive value so that lawyers stay out of simple matters and do what they do best, that is – complex and expensive work that is hard to automate."

In addition to utilizing Documate, Lawvex leverages a cutting-edge technology stack to deliver the best possible results for its attorneys, staff and clients. Documate’s founder, Dorna Moini, is pleased that Lawvex was able to create such a valuable resource, stating, “We’re excited at what our users are able to develop with the platform. It’s rewarding to see them get creative to develop precise, specialized solutions to help them put out the best possible product.”

Pushing the limits of innovation and modernizing internal workflows has helped Lawvex deliver a speedy and unique experience for customers, and Documate’s platform was essential to Lawvex’s ability to develop its own legal tools with minimal coding knowledge. Winter stated, “This is only the beginning. We have been waiting for a solution that would allow Lawvex to internally begin pushing out our own automation products without hiring third-party developers that bog down the process, and Documate does that.”

Documate is a code-free document automation and expert system builder that transforms documents into client-facing workflows and apps. Using Documate’s DIY workflow builder, lawyers can quickly and easily have all necessary documents generated automatically. Clients can simply visit a lawyer’s website and answer a series of logic-based questions, and the workflow builder will have all relevant documents prepared, set up, and ready to go.

Documate fills the need for more streamlined workflow processes in law firms and other businesses. The modern and intuitive platform increases productivity, saving users approximately 80% to 90% of the time it typically takes to generate and revise documents manually.

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Documate turns template documents and forms into powerful workflows that can be used for internal document generation or to create collaborative legal applications for clients and the public with no code. For more information, visit

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Lawvex is a full-service trust and estates law firm with both virtual and physical office space with multiple attorneys in multiple offices in Central California. The Lawvex mission is to save clients from legal frustration with fantastic client service by living out our values of speed, efficiency, value, education, transparency and compassion. For more information, visit or try the Personal Property Memorandum at

​Dorna Moini, Founder/CEO at Documate​​

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