Doctors Perform Neurosurgery in Venezuela While Most Struggle to Keep the Lights On

SAI doctors prepare child patient for vagus nerve stimulator surgical implant.

South American Initiative is providing delicate neurosurgery for drug resistant epileptic children in Venezuela while most are just trying to keep the lights on.

The current political and economic crisis in Venezuela has caused the health system to collapse into utter chaos.

With basics like electricity and water in short supply ━ as well as food, medicine, and medical supplies, there is one nonprofit organization making a life-changing difference for epileptic children in the ongoing collapse of everything in Venezuela.

This special neurosurgery provided by South American Initiative (a US-NGO with support teams on the ground in Venezuela), is called the Life-Saving Neurosurgery ━ Venezuela. This project was created for epileptic children who suffer from drug resistant epilepsy and experience 1-2 severe seizures every day.

When these seizures occur in children, it may cause a small portion of their brain to die. Frequent and repeated seizures can greatly diminish brain function, quality of life, and even cause death. 

The only opportunity drug resistant epileptic children have to live a normal life without life-threatening seizures is to undergo this neurosurgery that stimulates the vagus nerve and eliminates grand mal seizures.

The device is called a VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulator) which sends a small electrical pulse to the brain which eliminates daily seizures. 

It’s a totally life-transforming surgery. Epileptic children and their parents cry for joy once they experience the immediate cessation of daily seizures.

It allows the kids and their families to lead normal lives without the fear of lethal head trauma or breaking bones during uncontrollable seizures.

The humanitarian aid provided by South American Initiative is second only to the Red Cross in Venezuela. The majority of our support goes to provide food and medicine for orphanages, hospitals, and animal rescue shelters in Venezuela.

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For more information about help for Venezuela contact Steven Malca, Executive Director of the South American Initiative ( at 1-800-563-6099, or email

Source: South American Initiative

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