Docoh Makes Its Professional Stock Research Platform Free for Everyone

All investors can now compete fairly against hedge funds with free access to institutional-grade investment data and tools

Docoh Institutional Holdings

Docoh, the popular website for researching stocks, has made all of its data and tools available for free. Over 15,000 registered users already use Docoh to analyze data about public companies and stay updated about their portfolios and watchlists in real-time. With today's change, all features and data that were previously part of the paid Pro subscription have been made available to everyone at no cost.

Docoh was founded in 2019 on a single core principle: to reduce wealth inequality through fairer access to financial information. The company's CEO, Dan Zambonini, who previously co-founded a company that built software for hedge funds, said, "There's been a surge in interest by everyday investors over the last year, and this was the best way we could support them. It's great that meme stocks like Gamestop and AMC have got Redditors and the wider public interested in the stock market. We want to make sure those people now have easy access to the data and tools they need to make longer term investments that help them build wealth."

At a time when the rest of the industry is removing or reducing free access, Docoh is taking the opposite approach. Unlike competitors who license data from third-party financial-services corporations, the majority of Docoh's financial data is extracted from primary source company documents, which significantly reduces costs and licensing restrictions.

Docoh currently provides data and features that include:

  • Detailed historic datasets for financial statements, institutional holdings, insider trades, ETF holdings, social sentiment and more.
  • Real-time email alerts for new filings, news stories and patents by company or keywords. Users can also receive filing alert notifications on their iOS device.
  • Search across SEC filings, data tables, news stories, earnings transcripts and patents.
  • Automatic change redlining for company filings to quickly see what has changed between quarterly and annual financial reports.
  • Personalized daily briefing email that summarizes prices, news, events and social threads relevant to your watchlist.

Docoh is now available for all investors to use for free at:

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