Doc Wellbee Dental Plan Can Affect More Than Just Oral Health

Learn how you can save on dental care for you and your family.

The importance of healthcare is a prominent issue in the United States today, but oral health is often left out of the conversation. With over 130 million Americans lacking Dental Insurance oral health issues are becoming a chronic problem, especially among children. Now, with a Doc Wellbee Dental Plan (, consumers have a way to protect both their smiles and their wallets.

"Smarter preventative care is the best cure for dental bills," says Doc Whitney Troope, DMD, Doc Wellbee founding partner of Doc Wellbee. "It is important to remove dental plaque and treat cavities before a situation progresses to a more serious and expensive issue. Oral Health has been shown to have an affect on our Overall Health as well. Untreated dental disease is even a risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, respiratory illnesses, certain cancers, and pregnancy complications.

How Doc Wellbee Works

Doc Wellbee works very similarly to a membership club, where members receive wholesale prices on virtually every dental procedure in return for their membership. On average members receive 50% off regularly priced dental procedures. Doc Wellbee Discount Dental Plans also includes discounts on:
• Prescriptions
• Hearing care
• Vision Care
• Lab Tests
• MRI & CT Scans

The Doc Wellbee dental network consists of over 185,000 dentists nationwide. A one-year Doc Wellbee membership costs $11 ($124.95) a month for individuals, $14 ($169.95) a month for a family.

Now with, Doc Wellbee, it has never been easier or more affordable for individuals and families to start taking care of their oral health.

About Doc Wellbee

While volunteering in free dental clinics, Dr. Whitney Troope, DMD, witnessed first hand the lack of good oral habits by families of various income levels. While performing major dental procedures to these patients she could not help but think that many of these ailments could have been prevented with regular cleanings and exams. In an effort to save patients time, money, and toothaches, Dr. Troope decided to create an alternative to traditional dental insurance. Dr. Troope, in collaboration with Affordable Family Health Services (AFHS), formed Doc Wellbee, which provides affordable dental plans to help promote oral healthcare for families and individuals.

Doc Wellbee provides discounted dental plans for individuals and families. These dental plans cover virtually all dental procedures and save members 50% off of the regular price on average. With over 185,000 participating dentists in our network it has never been easier to locate and afford dental care.

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About Doc Wellbee