Do You Know if You Are Being Hacked? Cyberdonix Does

Cyberdonix, located in Madison, AL, develops a cellphone-sized box that detects the presence of a hacker on your network.  Designed by two of the top hackers in the world, Sentinel thinks like a hacker.  Sentinel knows when a hacker is sneaking around your network.  Sentinel will immediately email, text, or call you when it detects nefarious activity on the network.

Cyberdonix has awarded a $17.2 million manufacturing contract to Global Manufacturing in Arab, AL to produce Sentinel.  “We look forward to the opportunity to work with Cyberdonix to support their efforts in combating cyber attacks and making corporate networks safer,” said Kathy Bennefield, President of Global Manufacturing.

For more information, please contact media relations Brian Rowe at 850-570-4311.

Cyberdonix can be reached via the web at