Do Good Date Night Takes Fun Couple-Led Philanthropy Nationwide

Nonprofit Event Series Combining Date Night with Volunteerism Expands Across U.S.

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​​​Who has enough time to volunteer? Let’s be honest… When something ─ regardless of how noble or important ─ doesn’t fit easily into one's life, it doesn’t happen.

This is where Do Good Date Night comes in. The innovative concept is a 2-4-1 solution to achieve two meaningful ends: date night and volunteering. The result is a date night activity that’s unique, fun and connective but also gratifying.

Do Good Date Night is all about offering couples an affordable alternative for a great time and a chance to feel great about impacting charitable causes.

Kristen Manieri, Founder, Do Good Date Night

How It Works

  • Volunteer: Couples spend one hour executing an organized service project. For example, attendees may pack produce, sort books, create hygiene kits, etc. Past partner organizations have included Clean the World, Feeding Children Everywhere, Goodwill Industries, Habitat for Humanity, Second Harvest Food Bank and others.
  • Date: Couples spend the next hour enjoying food, drinks and immersive date night activities, such as trivia, live music or interactive games. Participants have oodles of fun, laugh together, reconnect, make new like-minded friends and get that warm and fuzzy feeling from making a difference.
  • Price: Typical fundraisers often cost hundreds of dollars but Do Good Date Night averages just $20-$25 per ticket.
  • When/Where: Typically held Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights at select nationwide locations.

Launched in 2015 by Kristen Manieri, a writer and podcast host who founded a national network of date night websites, Do Good Date Night began in Orlando, Florida with 20+ sold-out events.

“I believe most people want to do something to support their communities but struggle to find the balance of busy, everyday life with the desire to give back,” says Manieri. “That’s why combining volunteerism with date night is a much-needed win-win. Couples spend quality time together while making an impact on a cause close to their hearts.”

Do Good Date Night is now inspiring couples nationwide with events expanding to Indiana, Louisiana, Ohio, Oregon and beyond.

“Costly fundraising dinners and galas certainly make an impact but, oftentimes, fail to physically connect supporters to the cause in a tangible way,” explains Manieri, who lives in Orlando with her two daughters and husband of 14 years. “Do Good Date Night is all about offering couples an affordable alternative for a great time and a chance to feel great about impacting charitable causes.”

According to the Corporation for National Community Service, 25.3% of Americans volunteer, with the largest proportion of those doing so through their church or school. But what about those who’ve long since graduated or are seeking exceptional opportunities through other avenues? Do Good Date Night makes it easy for couples to partner with nonprofit organizations for meaningful service projects that can be completed in just one date night. 

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About Do Good Date Night: Do Good Date Night combines volunteerism with date night by giving couples access to fun and rewarding service experiences in their communities. It’s a division of the parent company, Date Night Guide, a network of city-wide and national content empowering couples to love, laugh and live their best life together through fun experiences and real relationship insight. Visit

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