DNA Paternity Testing Company Provides Assistance during Child Support Cases

Arizona paternity testing company's mobile DNA services provide the ideal option for individuals seeking a court admissible paternity test to help determine child support.

Arizona Revised Statute §25-804 allows a parent to institute a paternity proceeding during a pregnancy. It also requires that child support proceedings must be started before a child's 18th birthday, except in unique circumstances.

A birth certificate with a father's name on it is evidence of paternity in Arizona in a court of law, but is little more. In order to prove beyond a doubt the identity of the father, an Order of Paternity may be sought by the presiding court.

Whenever the outcome of a paternity test may lead to legal action it is imperative that tested individuals request a legal, or court admissible, paternity test. These tests can be used in a court of law and are frequently performed when one or both parents are seeking child support, custody or social security payments.

Arizona Mobile DNA Testing Services, one of Arizona's leading providers of legal paternity tests, specializes in providing these services. The company has quickly become a favorite of family law attorneys as legal professionals from across the state have discovered the convenience of utilizing the on-site paternity testing services provided by Arizona Mobile DNA Testing Services, LLC.

The Arizona DNA testing company utilizes Chromosomal Laboratories, Inc., an AABB accredited reference laboratory, making the results admissible in all 50 states. "DNA paternity testing has become a common occurrence in Arizona during child support cases," reported Ilaiza Cochrane, President of Arizona Mobile DNA Services, LLC. "If your family is going through a child support case be sure to utilize a legal, or court admissible, paternity test as private paternity tests are not admissible in a court of law."

Interested individuals, paternity attorneys, doctors' offices, medical labs and other parties can learn more about paternity testing in Arizona by visiting www.AZMobileDNA.com, emailing info@AZMobileDNA.com or calling (602) 510-5195.