DKBinnovative Launches New HIPAA-Compliant Program and Website for Healthcare Industry

Dallas-based IT managed security service provider, DKBinnovative, is offering a new healthcare compliance and cyber security program, HIPAA Wall, to help companies meet and manage their numerous and often complicated HIPAA requirements as well as ensure their corporate infrastructures are safe from the growing threat of cyber attacks and data breaches.

Just as an IT firewall protects companies from outside security threats and inside data leaks, HIPAA Wall is designed to help companies keep educated, safe, and HIPAA compliant. This will give healthcare IT and security specialists greater knowledge and control over the mountain of electronic health records, codes and regulations, and HIPAA requirements they face every day.

"Maintaining an optimal IT defense and making sure you're completely HIPAA compliant isn't an option anymore. If you're not keeping on top of regulations, your company is at great risk for fines and penalties that can be crippling to many businesses."

Keith Barthold, CEO, DKBinnovative

“Maintaining an optimal IT defense and making sure you’re completely HIPAA compliant isn’t an option anymore,” says DKBinnovative president and CEO, Keith Barthold. “If you’re not keeping on top of regulations, your company is at great risk for fines and penalties that can be crippling to many businesses.”

HIPAA Wall centers around four cornerstone offerings:

▪ Data Loss Prevention gives companies ultimate visibility into where and how sensitive data is going, allowing them to manage where their most critical data is being sent and how it is being received.

▪ HIPAA Risk Analysis is a rigorous and detailed identification and prioritization of key risks currently facing a company, exploring the likelihood of a breach and the magnitude of its potential impact.

HIPAA Cyber Security Training provides comprehensive, engaging, HIPAA-compliant security training to employees, reducing the chance of a data breach.

▪ Penetration Testing is a proven methodology that replicates real-world attack scenarios, testing IT infrastructure so that companies can protect confidential data from today’s ever-evolving threats.

“Most companies lack the personnel, training, and resources to protect their data, their patients and customers, and their reputation while keeping HIPAA compliant,” said Barthold. “With HIPAA Wall, you get a team of seasoned and knowledgeable IT specialists who are experts in both healthcare and IT security.”

The DKBinnovative team — which has worked successfully with more than 60 hospitals and 200 practices — is on the front line of the cyber war to keep clients secure and compliant.

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