DKBinnovative Hosts Expert Roundtable on Patient Privacy and HIPAA Compliance

On Monday, June 4, 2018, Dallas-area healthcare providers and business leaders attended “Patient Privacy & HIPAA Compliance in the Age of Digital Health Records,” an interactive roundtable to discuss best practices for becoming HIPAA compliant. This roundtable, hosted by DKBinnovative, comes at a time when healthcare practices and organizations are struggling to comply with ever-expanding requirements with limited time and financial resources.

“Many of my clients in healthcare now understand that non-compliance has consequences that can significantly affect their finances, reputation, and productivity,” said Richard Schimming, Senior Vice President of American National Bank of Texas. “This roundtable provided real-life, practical guidance that will help me advise my healthcare clients, who face the increasing demands of HIPAA compliance.”

“Those who live in the HIPAA compliance world know that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and defeated by the sheer magnitude and demands of meeting all its requirements,” said Keith Barthold, DKBinnovative President and CEO. “Our three expert panelists did a great job of equipping attendees with some tools and techniques that can provide immediate and lasting solutions.”

The three panelists included:

·      Jonathon Graham, Vice President of Operations at Opargo, LLC, who brings with him a unique blend of skills and experience that he’s acquired over nearly two decades in healthcare information technology.

·      Liz Tremain, Director of Ethics and Compliance at Medical City Dallas, whose 18 years of experience includes positions as an ethics and compliance offer, a facility privacy and information official, and an equity compliance officer.

·      Angela Miller, who has been the President and General Manager of Medical Auditing Solutions since 2005, where she consults in the areas of compliance, due diligence, regulatory affairs, medical receivables, and billing/collections.

“This event provided a good opportunity to sit down with many different types of practices and businesses, big and small, share common pain points and discuss practical tips for moving organizations toward compliance,” said Jonathon Graham, Vice President of Operations at Opargo, LLC. “I compliment attendees for recognizing the importance of patient privacy and for pro-actively seeking out solutions.”

The roundtable is part of a quarterly event series focused on gathering Dallas-area business leaders to discuss and share information about pressing industry issues and trends, such as cybersecurity and private health information.

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