Dj Kamal Mustafa Releases "Breathless" Remix Album Featuring KK

Dj Kamal Mustafa's Breathless Remix Album includes single mixes, mash-ups and electronic tunes influenced by dubstep, hip-hop, and club mixes.

Dj Kamal Mustafa’s latest album, “Breathless” Remix Album features artists KK and Emraan Hashmi. The 4 track album was produced by DJ Kamal Mustafa under the label Kamal Fudda Entertainment (Kutianawala). “Breathless” contains single mixes, mash-ups and electronics tunes compiled with dubstep, hip-hop and club mix influences.

Part of the inspiration of the album was to bring a message of peace and love. DJ Kamal Mustafa says, “Eid Mubarak to all people in Pakistan and India we both as a two countries have to spread Love Not War.”

“Breathless” Remix Album Track List:

1) Labon Ko (Electro Love Lip Mi ) DJ KAMAL MUSTAFA

2) Dil Ibadat Vs Saansoo Ko (Heartless Hip Hop Mashup) DJ KAMAL MUSTAFA

3) Khuda Janay Vs O Meri Jaan (Heavy Dubstep) DJ – KAMAL MUSTAFA​

4) Abhi Abhi (Electro Banger) DJ – KAMAL MUSTAFA Feat KK

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