DIZAIND Redefines Innovative and Sustainable Fashion With Its Customized Leather Bags

Fashion brand DIZAIND turns its leather bag capsule collection into a virtual design studio, which eliminates waste in the fashion industry

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DIZAIND, a Swiss bespoke bag brand based in Zurich, is determined to innovate the fashion industry. This month, the company launched its capsule collection, a virtual design studio that combines 3D technology and traditional Italian craftsmanship to offer customized leather bags.

“By buying a DIZAIND handcrafted bag, one gets not only a personally made, high-quality Italian leather bag but also supports traditional craftsmanship over fast-fashion industry players,” said Santare Slavinskas, co-founder and creative director of DIZAIND.

Due to fast-changing trends, the fashion industry is responsible for some of the exploitation of people and the environment. DIZAIND offers a way to reduce waste by letting its customers order bespoke bags made by hand by experienced artisans at a small atelier in Italy using the highest-quality materials. DIZAIND only uses the finest full-grain and luxurious Nappa Italian leathers. Creating timeless fashion that feels personal and that can be passed down to future generations, the sustainable fashion brand eliminates waste and prevents the quick replacement of products due to fast-changing trends. Each handcrafted bag comes with a lifetime warranty.

The DIZAIND leather bag capsule collection shows customers that artisan-made bags can be modern and full of color. The fashion company offers a wide variety of Italian leather colors — more than 60 — and modern designs not usually offered when it comes to artisan-made bags. Customers are inspired to be bold when designing their perfect leather bag.

“There is still a perception that a leather bag crafted by artisans will look old-fashioned and will be made from thick brown leather or other boring colors,” said Santare. “Our second capsule collection was launched to show how wrong this perception is and to demonstrate that modern and colorful bag designs can be crafted by hand in a traditional way.”

DIZAIND handcrafts bags on demand. Customers wanting a more personalized option can use the company's 3D software to easily create online the exact bag they are dreaming of. They can select from seven essential bag models including handbag, clutch, tote, backpack, shoulder bag, travel and sports bags. Offering numerous customization features including shoulder strap lengths, beautiful leather tassel designs and zipper chain options, DIZAIND celebrates the uniqueness of each person's style. In addition, individuals may order their item to be monogrammed. The new leather bag capsule collection creates more than one million bag customization possibilities.

DIZAIND's zoom functionality and 360-degree view capture every detail and nuance of the personalized accessory, allowing customers to see exactly how the bag will look and to view every feature that the bag offers. To see the DIZAIND difference and learn how the new capsule collection 3D design studio works, visit https://www.dizaindbags.com/Customize-Bag.


Sustainable fashion brand DIZAIND was founded in 2015 with the goal of making one-of-a-kind customized bags. Using exceptional Italian leather that is sustainably sourced as a by-product from the food industry, the company is leading the industry in innovation and sustainability. Visit https://www.dizaindbags.com to learn more.

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