Divvy Is Focused On Sharing The Global Economy

Divvy is not only the new way for everyone to share the global economy, it is also the fastest and best way to do so.

Divvy is a new payments and remittance platform forged by Treefunder that is focused on fostering a more open and inclusive financial system.  Gateways, independent third parties participating on the Divvy Network, are how the platform accomplishes this task.  These members of the network allow the Divvy native currency, XDV, to sit on top of fiat, contracts, and a variety of financial instruments.  The protocol allows exchanges without the need for any central oversight and confirmations occur in a matter of seconds.

It does differ from alternative cryptocurrencies in many ways.  XDV is not mineable and requires no other resources aside those contributed to the network, making it truly an environmentally friendly offering when compared to digital assets that need specialized hardware to ensure their existence.  Instead, Divvy uses a fixed system with a finite supply of 100 Billion XDV.  Over time, the supply slowly decays with a fee structure that protects the network against spam.  The developers intend to hold 10% of the supply for research and development purposes and 'Divvy' the rest to everyone on the planet. 

However, don't expect it to be initially as easily available as its competition.  Divvy and its developers have faced and endured fierce backlash and adverse actions from the cryptocurrency community and industry players.  The developers are not Stripe nor Fidor Bank.  With the major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Cryptsy, Bittrex, and Poloniex rejecting any communication from the developers regarding the addition of its supporting platforms, how can it rise to serve the purpose of its creation?

Divvy is available freely at https://github.com/xdv

About Treefunder Incorporated

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