Divorce Law Firm Sees Spikes in Appointments and Consultations Around Valentines Day

ADAM Divorce Law was featured by Channel 7 Action News in Detroit regarding recent divorce trends.  Valentine’s Day is known for love, heart-shaped candy, and romantic dinners. However, it’s also a time where divorce law firms see a spike in appointments and consultations.

Channel 7 Action News in Detroit interviewed attorney Jon Midtgard, Co-Owner of American Divorce Association for Men (ADAM) in Southfield, Michigan, discussing the spike in divorce filings around Valentine’s Day. Around this particular time of the year, it seems that couples begin to reassess their lives and relationships during and after the holidays.  

"Couples will cope through Thanksgiving to Christmas and through New Year's. But when you get to Valentine's Day... I think that's often the last straw," said Midtgard.

Jon Midtgard, Family Law Attorney and Co-Owner of American Divorce Association for Men

According to lawyers on Avvo.com, there is a 40 percent increase in divorce-related searches leading up to Valentine’s Day. Additionally, AttorneyFee.com reported that divorce filings increase by almost 20 percent during February in various states across the nation.

“Couples will cope through Thanksgiving to Christmas and through New Year’s. But when you get to Valentine’s Day... I think that’s often the last straw,” said Midtgard.

One reason experts believe divorces occur more often this time of year is extraordinary financial hardships that many couples face at the beginning of the year, such as bankruptcy or high credit card bills.  The cold February weather tends to keep couples with troubles closer together indoors, causing even more emotional friction.

“Beyond finances and related disagreements, other factors can cause couples to split- such as infidelity. Around February specifically, signs of indiscretions may begin to appear evidence begins to rise to the surface”, Midtgard adds. Some couples also receive their tax returns in February which gives them money to move on.

However, it’s not all bad news for couples around this time of year.   Mr. Midtgard, with over 20 years of experience as a family law attorney, says that he has seen couples having started the divorce process decide to stay together because of Valentine’s Day.

“We have couples that begin to ask themselves, ‘Is this really what we want to do? Maybe there’s some basis to our relationship that we might not want to give up.’  So sometimes in February or March we will see reconciliations as well.”

Jon Midtgard’s premier on Channel 7 Action News can be viewed here.

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