DiVine's New Book 'Detour' is an Intense Novel About 5 Strangers Brought Together to Face Their Fears and Seek the Truth That Changes Their Lives

Fulton Books author DiVine's, an excellent writer, has completed her most recent book "Detour":  a thrilling adventure of five troubled strangers who get themselves into an accident as they detour through the woods, discovering something that might change their lives.

DiVine writes, "Have you ever been lost? Have you ever wandered into unknown territory just to find yourself desperately looking for a way back home? Then you'll understand when five strangers from different walks of life are thrown together on a surprise detour through the woods: Angel, a deeply troubled thirty-year-old drug addict whose life is rapidly spinning out of control; Phillip, a wealthy business owner who puts his success above the interests of his wife and children; Natasha, a teenager struggling with the pressures of poverty in the midst of affluent classmates and a traumatic family history; Adam, a caring paramedic abandoned by his mother at a young age coming to terms with his worldview; and David, a priest struggling to hide a dark secret from his past.

Only trying to make their way back home on a foggy night in northern Minnesota, instead, they find themselves involved in a serious auto accident without any obvious source of help. Little do they know that the help they are so desperately seeking is waiting for them deep within the forest, and their lives will be forever changed. Together, they will discover what they are truly seeking, the only way to truth and life, reflected in the eyes of a Lamb."

Published by Fulton Books, DiVine's book is a brilliant writing that helps people realize the consequences of their actions. It also helps people to accept and forgive themselves as they try to seek for ways to make amends for the harmful things they have done.

Readers who wish to experience this astounding work can purchase "Detour" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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