DiversyFund Celebrates Its Second Anniversary

Two years of helping everyday investors build wealth like the ONE percent

DiversyFund was founded in 2016 by industry visionaries Craig Cecilio and Alan Lewis who saw a way to disrupt the old method of real estate investing.

Since its inception, DiversyFund has been building wealth for everyday investors by opening up access to private real estate markets through their simple, easy-to-use and transparent online platform.

“Very few investors have access to stock market alternatives like multi-million dollar real estate,” explains Craig, CEO and co-founder of DiversyFund. “These alternative investments were never available to regular investors because of three things: the high dollar amount, the qualification process and the industry insiders who don’t want to deal with you ... the middlemen.”

Unlike other platforms, DiversyFund eliminates these middlemen. DiversyFund purchases the real estate, develops it, manages it, collects the cash flow and divides up the profits to investors. DiversyFund doesn’t charge broker fees and by having the entire investment process done online through their platform, they get even more cost savings that get applied to investor returns.

DiversyFund’s continuous improvements on their platform and offerings reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to bringing wealth-building opportunities to everyday investors.

Alan Lewis, co-founder and chief investment officer, adds, “We have the experience, the team, the platform, the technology and everyone in the team is committed to bringing wealth-building opportunities to the 99 percent.”

For more information on DiversyFund, their investment opportunities and their platform, visit www.diversyfund.com.

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We help everyday investors build wealth like the 1%. We open up access to alternatives to stocks and bonds, such as commercial real estate, to help investors diversify their portfolio.

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