Diverge Marketing Group, Inc. Prepared for 2016

Leaders at Diverge Marketing Group, Inc. are ready for the next quarter - the first of 2016. They report that it will be highly productive, with a new hiring push as well as plenty of training and team-building activities.

“At Diverge Marketing Group, Inc., we know as well as anyone that we must have solid goals in place if we want to succeed,” said Rachel, the firm’s Director of Operations. “In a business environment that seems to evolve by the instant, it’s imperative that we keep moving forward. Innovation and growth are the only ways to stay relevant.”

Rachel and her colleagues are ready for the next step into the future. The moment New Year’s Day arrives, they’ll execute the strategies they’ve been preparing for months. Their plans for the first quarter of 2016 include recruiting and hiring fresh talent to help meet the growing demand for the firm’s interactive promotions, as well as ongoing training and team-bonding opportunities.

"It's true - the Diverge Marketing Group, Inc. leaders and I have been looking toward 2016 for a while now,"

Rachel , Director of Operations

“It’s true – the Diverge Marketing Group, Inc. leaders and I have been looking toward 2016 for a while now,” Rachel stated. “It’s really the only option we have. After all, if we waited until January to set goals and strategize, we’d already be behind our competition. It is important to maintain some flexibility, of course, because unexpected events will always arise. Our plans can’t be so rigid that we can’t adapt. In general, though, it’s best to lay out the groundwork for the future as soon as possible.”

Diverge Marketing Group, Inc.’s Director Discusses the Intersection of Productivity and Purpose

“We’re committed to research here at Diverge Marketing Group, Inc.,” Rachel continued. “As we prepare for growth, we thoroughly investigate all available data to determine what works and what doesn’t. We learn about best practices in other regions, as well as the latest industry trends. Research informs just about everything we do. In fact, I’ve recently come across some fascinating information regarding workplace performance.”

According to Rachel, the best motivators are not perks, promotions, or pay. The factors that most motivate people to work to their full potential are entirely intrinsic. It’s best for people to be passionate about the work they do, for instance. “Leaders can facilitate this type of motivation by maintaining cultures that support driven individuals,” Rachel concluded. “We do so through our professional development opportunities and team social events. When everyone is comfortable with one another, and has the tools and knowledge they need to perform well, they embrace their purpose and exceed our expectations.”

About Diverge Marketing Group

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