Disruptive Brokerage Grows 647% Organically on Track for One Billion in Volume for 2019

Federated Realty

Intelligent Brokerage Federated Realty announces a 647% organic growth over the prior 24 months with a model of eliminating the traditional 3% listing fee that legacy brokerages currently charge. Federated Realty provides a full-service solution for a flat $1,000, regardless of the homes price.

“People still find it hard to believe what we do. We eliminated any potential reason for anyone to not list with us. We don't charge anything until the home is sold, we allow clients to cancel anytime with no penalty, and most importantly, we provide highly skilled and experienced specialists to guide homeowners through the selling process. If this isn't a no-brainer, I don't know what is,” says Artin Afsharjavan CEO of Federated Realty. The company classifies its licensed listing agents as specialists to differentiate from agents at other brokerages. Listing specialists only focus on listings from the company's Operations Control Center in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

Currently operating in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area, the company plans to expand to new markets in 2019. The company founded the model in 2016 and has never raised a round of capital. “Companies like Compass spent their early days raising massive war chests from major backers like Masayoshi Son’s Vision Fund, but we instead spent our early days creating a truly disruptive model that is client-focused. Now the results are speaking for itself,” says Artin Afsharjavan. The company is on track to exceed one billion dollars in volume for 2019 with the possibility of exponentially higher results through the introduction of strategic partners that the company is currently in communication with.

Source: Federated Realty llc

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