Dispute Partners With the American Seniors Association, the Fastest Growing Senior Advocacy in the Nation

Partnership to give members access to Dispute's medical billing negotiation services

Dispute, one of the nation’s fastest growing providers of consumer medical billing advocacy and negotiation services, today announced a new partnership with the American Seniors Association, a leading conservative senior advocacy organization. Through this partnership, members of the American Seniors Association will be able to receive personalized review and consultation of medical bills through Dispute’s national network of billing advocates. This partnership is designed to give relief to ASA’s members by addressing potential cases of overbilling, error, and the overall high cost of consumer healthcare.

Dispute launched in response to a national increase in out-of-pocket costs and provides an easy-to-use claim initiation service that matches every single customer with a dedicated and experienced billing advocate.  The Dispute initiation process takes less than five minutes, and has achieved a 93% case success rate, an average total bill reduction of 70%, and initiation to resolution timeline of two weeks to date.

“The senior population, particularly those without qualified supplemental coverage, are squeezed by the increase in out-of-pocket costs as a result of their consumption, says Dispute CEO Matt Moulakelis. This means that funds, initially allocated towards retirement, may be diverted to cover the cost of health expenses.  Our goal is to work with every single ASA member to ensure they’re maximizing their coverage and avoiding out-of-pocket costs.”

American Seniors Association CEO Paul Cornell stated, “We at the American Seniors Association believe the financial abuse of America’s seniors is paramount to an epidemic. They are often presented with outrageous and sometimes incorrect medical and other bills and their objections and questions routinely get dismissed, advocacy groups such as Dispute are often the only hope the elderly have of striking back and getting relief.”

About Dispute

Dispute, Inc. combines technology with a national network of experienced medical billing advocates to provide a destination for consumers to reduce financial stress by disputing costly medical bills.  Customers anticipating major medical events or high out-of-pocket costs can choose an hourly advisory option, which assists in ensuring the proper utilization of benefits, or a contingency plan that requires a fee only if outstanding bills have been resolved.  

About American Seniors Association

ASA is committed to making sure that America’s seniors have the choices, information, and services they need to live healthier, wealthier lives. ASA provides its members with access to Medicare insurance, auto insurance, High Interest Rate Banking products, prescription discounts, travel and auto club services and other benefits that enhance the quality of life for the nation’s seniors.  

Dispute Contact Information

Email: press@disputebills.com

Phone: (312) 624-9171

American Seniors Association Contact Information

Email: info@americanseniors.org

Phone: (941) 216-3805

About Dispute, Inc.

Dispute is a personal finance platform that provides a destination for consumers to challenge the cost of unpaid medical bills.

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