Dispatch Co-Founders Share Insights on the Growth of Last-Mile Delivery Industry in 2024

Having Dependable, Efficient Software is the Key to Business Delivery Success

With growth in the global last-mile delivery market, Dispatch provides reliable and transparent technology to help businesses scale operations. Dispatch co-founders CEO Andrew Leone and President Ryan Hanson share the importance of implementing effective software to thrive in 2024. 

Four delivery technologies — autonomous vehicles, robots, drones, and lockers — have taken the world by storm. According to research by Statista, the global last-mile delivery market is expected to grow by about 9.29% annually to more than $200 billion by 2027. With this growth, businesses will need a solid software foundation to support daily operations, where uniformity and consolidation are the key themes. 

“Technology has allowed us to bridge fragmentation,” said Leone. “Software is going to allow businesses to take what was traditionally a very fractured space, consolidate operations, and gain tremendous efficiencies through sophisticated delivery solutions.” 

While drone deliveries are an exciting technological advancement, Dispatch leaders take a more practical approach to the company’s investments for customers in delivery innovations. 

“A drone delivery sounds fun, but a plumber doesn’t care unless it gets product there faster,” said Leone. “Right now, that tech doesn’t meet the needs of the national businesses we serve. While we’re absolutely looking at futuristic technologies, we’re looking at more algorithmic types of investments in innovation that drive high levels of SLA and liquidity so our customers can get work done now and grow their business.” 

“We’re less distracted by the shiny objects and instead focused on taking care of customers’ more immediate delivery needs,” said Hanson. “Dispatch will be here as the standard in final-mile delivery making sure it’s easy for customers to adopt these means after all of the kinks have been worked out and risks have been appropriately vetted. When customers are ready, we’ll help shepherd them into the next delivery stage.” 

By leveraging a tried-and-true technology, businesses can automate manual work processes and look at operations holistically, gain insight into high-level pain points, and determine where to drive efficiency. “Software is going to thrive this year and drive tremendous growth,” said Leone. 

For more information about Dispatch, contact the media representative at pr@dispatchit.com. 

About Dispatch: Dispatch is the leading B2B last-mile delivery platform. Replacing traditional courier services by offering on-demand deliveries with real-time updates and dynamic ETAs since 2016, Dispatch empowers businesses to Deliver More* for customers. Dispatch simplifies last-mile delivery for businesses via in-platform connection with a growing network of independent contractor drivers. Dispatch currently operates in more than 75 U.S. markets. For additional information, visit www.dispatchit.com. 

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