Disinpro Introduces the ThermoDispenser to Screen and Protect Students, Guests, Customers and Visitors Without Close Contact


Solving the problem of screening for elevated temperatures without the close contact of a walk-up thermometer to the forehead desperately needed a safer, more socially distant option ... introducing the Disinpro ThermoDispenser

“The marriage made in heaven of a no-touch hand sanitizer dispenser and a non-contact temperature screening device, we believe it's a perfect protect and screen solution for every office lobby,” said Aftab “AJ” Jiwani, Founder & CEO of Disinpro.  “Screening and protecting students, guests, customers and visitors without close contact continues to be an ongoing challenge for us all,” Jiwani continued.

The ThermoDispenser is an intelligent dispenser that measures body temperature from the palm of your hand as it dispenses hand sanitizer. It can be either mounted on a wall or can be set up with the optional floor stand. With a 32 oz refillable tank of Disinpro 70% Aloe Vera Hand Gel sanitizer, the ThermoDispenser will help protect and screen everyone entering a place of business, worship, learning and more.

For more information, please visit www.disinpro.com, www.disinfectschools.com or www.disinfecthotels.com

Source: Disinpro Corporation