GameCloud Technologies Pvt Ltd Exhibited Their New Video Game Validation Services at Game Connection in San Francisco, California

Offering services beyond the typical video game quality assurance and control testing, GameCloud Technologies provides 360 degree video game validation at all phases of the game development lifecycle.

After successfully exhibiting their new video game validation services at Game Connection, where key players from the games industry meet and do business together held in San Francisco, California in March, GameCloud Technologies Pvt Ltd has extended their stay in the United States in order to be available for meetings in Silicon Valley through April 5. The company offers 360 degree video game validation at all phases of the game development lifecycle and ensures that the monetization strategy of the game studios is safeguarded, games are running smoothly, and they are able to be enjoyed by end-users at every stage.

The new service offered by GameCloud Technologies addresses trends in gaming, monetization, gamers’ expectations and ways to tackle challenges in emerging platforms like virtual reality (VR). The company goes beyond conventional quality assurance and focusses on the commercial success of the game. Gaming representatives from all over the world showed strong interest in game validation services of GameCloud Technologies at the San Francisco gaming event and expressed that these services are a top priority in order to protect their investments, time and ensure commercial success.

GameCloud Technologies’ team has extensive experience and has handled, tested and validated more than 1,000 video games covering all genres and platforms including mobile, PC and VR. 

In addition, their team has served more than 150 game studios and publishers across the globe, including one man studios up to the top 20 gaming businesses in the field. With more than 75 years of combined experience, the founding team has already established strategic relationships with some of the most respected businesses in the gaming industry.

GameCloud Technologies’ quality assurance facility has more than 200 test devices to help clients ensure smooth and bug-free gameplay for millions of their end-users globally. The services the company offers include concept appreciation from ideation to prototyping; game discovery from pre-development to development; game quality from development to production; and game revitalization in the post-release stage.

Laxmikant Thipse, founder and CEO of GameCloud Technologies and a passionate hard-core gamer since his childhood, developed the company to protect the interests of both game developers and gamers.

“Many development studios struggle to survive and grow in the dynamic video game industry,” says Thipse. “Some of the challenges they face include a lack of innovation, ignorance toward end-user IAP comfort zone, not reaching expectations of the end-user, and a general lack of knowledge regarding the overall quality of the games. To address these challenges effectively, GameCloud Technologies has introduced our video game validation and quality assurance services that cover the entire lifecycle of the game to ensure success.”

Thipse and his team are extending their stay in Silicon Valley to meet with interested businesses but will also be available at Pocket Gamers Connects in Bangalore, India in April 2016 and at the Tokyo Game Show in Tokyo, Japan in September 2016. For more information, visit

About GameCloud Technologies Pvt Ltd

Being gamers since 1987 and industry professionals since college days, the GameCloud Technologies team decided to give a formal face and shape to their relentless passion, experience and knowledge about video games. In 2010, GameCloud was founded with the aim to aid the efforts of game development studios and publishers of all sizes globally. The company’s team primarily consists of hardcore gamers at heart who focus on quality gaming and monetization. For more information, visit

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GameCloud offers 360 degree Video Game Validation at all phases of Game Development Lifecycle. We make certain that monetization strategy of Game Studios is safeguarded, their games are running smoothly and are enjoyed by end-users at every stage.

Laxmikant Thipse
Founder & CEO, GameCloud Technologies Private Limited, GameCloud Technologies Private Limited
GameCloud Technologies Private Limited
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