Discuss.io Releases Study From Online Focus Groups Following the Second Presidential Debate

Undecided voters in Florida, Ohio, and Arizona Lean toward Hillary Clinton

​​Discuss.io, an online qualitative research platform that uses web browsers and webcams to connect marketers with consumers in as few as 48 hours, announced today that it has released a series of three focus groups related to the presidential election taking place on November 8, 2016. This release promotes the company’s ability to produce relevant research and uncover insights at rapid speeds unprecedented in the market research industry.

Discuss.io put its platform to the test on Sunday, October 9, 2016, conducting focus groups in three different swing states: Florida, Ohio, and Arizona, immediately following the debate. During the sessions, Discuss.io spoke with four undecided voters between the ages of 28-64 in each of these states. Wanting to understand how voters’ political stance is influenced before the general election, Discuss.io asked respondents about the impact that media that has on their perspective of the candidates. The session particularly focused on the impact of presidential debates, as well respondent’s history with engaging in political conversations.

The results of the study were surprising; with respondents overwhelmingly reporting that they were leaning toward voting for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump after the debate. For these respondents, the debate did have an impact on their perception of the candidates. There was no consensus among respondents on their tendency to engage in political conversations online, with some respondents being extremely active and others avoiding it all together. Despite the debate’s strong influence on their current position, respondents expressed a continued hesitation about both candidates, notably regarding their campaign platforms, characters, pasts, and ability to lead the country.

All of the findings - as well as the full-length videos and highlight reel - can be found in more detail on the Discuss.io’s website at www.discuss.io/debate.

“At Discuss.io, we take pride in delivering a radically different approach to conducting market  research,” said founder and CEO, Zach Simmons. “By removing barriers and democratizing access to research, combined with our capacity to complete projects 10x faster than traditional methods, we are able to produce research while it’s still relevant. Uncovering insights from undecided voters in swing states is one such example.”

“At Discuss.io, we’re taking market research to innovative new heights with our current video conferencing platform and upcoming product roadmap. We have maintained the core, valuable aspects of qualitative research and augmented the experience,” said Shalendra Chhabra, VP of product and marketing. He elaborated further, citing an example, “One of the core benefits of qualitative research is the ability to capture individual insights and respondent emotion, however, traditional methods don’t have any way to track this feedback. Our bookmarking tool allows researchers to easily flag these poignant moments as they happen in real time and revisit them later.”

Discuss.io provides on-demand qualitative consumer depth interviews and focus groups using webcams. Available for use in 33 countries, with a panel of 15 million respondents, Discuss.io connects researchers and brands directly to their targeted niche demographics. Projects that previously took months can now be completed in a number of hours using Discuss.io’s platform. Recorded video from the sessions is automatically synchronized to a searchable transcript to help locate consumer quotes. Once the session has ended, video highlights can be added into Discuss.io’s Clip Maker in order to capture the most pertinent moments of the session. This tool was used to generate the highlight reels found at www.discuss.io/debate.

Source: Discuss.io