Discovery Genie Receives Patent, Releases Software Version 2.0

Breakthrough eDiscovery software for small cases makes document production fast, easy and inexpensive

Today, Colorado-based Discovery Genie® announced that it has released Version 2.0 of its eDiscovery software platform, allowing litigators and paralegals to speed up the processes of reviewing, Bates-numbering and indexing emails and electronic documents for production in discovery in small- to mid-size cases. The USPTO issued Patent No. 11,507,612, protecting Discovery Genie's unique system for quickly and accurately producing documents in litigation, while automating the time-consuming mechanics of converting electronic documents while ensuring litigators gain mastery of their evidence throughout the life of a lawsuit.

"Our customers told us they wanted a simple system to eliminate the wasted time and money in document production, and we delivered," said James Haskins, Discovery Genie's CTO and co-founder. "Our platform saves 75%-90% of the cost of document production while giving litigators mastery of their evidence. And most paralegals and lawyers can learn our system in half an hour."

Legal professionals can now sort and filter their electronic documents, rename or change the dates of their files, and set the precise order of their documents for Bates numbering — all within the Discovery Genie platform.

"Our new release includes significant advances over existing PDF management software like Adobe Acrobat, and gives users pinpoint control over their organization and Bates numbering while eliminating the massive manual labor required by other systems," explained Dan Culhane, Discovery Genie's founder and co-inventor of Discovery Genie's patented system.

Discovery Genie plans to offer a month-long free trial period to users who create new accounts through the end of March. Discovery Genie is a partner with the Colorado Bar Association and the Missouri Bar, and offers additional discounts to members of those organizations.

Source: Discovery Genie

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