Discovery Data Introduces Lead Enrichment Solution, Providing Real-Time Data Updates for Clients' Inbound Lead Generation Efforts

Discovery Data

Discovery Data, the market leader with superior data and analytics on firms and people in the financial services and insurance industries, announced today that the company has released a new service called Lead Enrichment. Born out of an increasing need to align an organization's marketing efforts with its sales team's ability to capitalize on interest generated, Lead Enrichment offers real-time data updates for all inbound marketing leads to equip sales for more informed sales conversations and help marketing capture more ROI.

The solution's API integration creates a seamless connection to enrich records prior to CRM integration with marketing campaign IDs, unique advisor and agent identifiers, including CRD and NPN numbers and other valuable data. It can also prevent duplicate records from being created and ensure proper campaign attribution within a CRM.

"Through discussions with our clients, we developed Lead Enrichment to help connect and enhance marketing and sales efforts in an automated fashion so they could accelerate their outbound efforts and convert leads at a higher rate," stated Chris Zuczek, Chief Product Officer at Discovery Data. "We already had the services to help generate marketing leads and update existing records in a client's CRM. Now we have linked the two solutions together in a powerful way."

Lead Enrichment integrates with multiple CRM applications and marketing platforms, as well as data warehouses, through an online form a lead submits on a web page. Discovery Data can create and host the landing page and online form, or work with a client's existing marketing assets, to ensure automated lead enrichment.

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Discovery Data is located in Eatontown, New Jersey and is the market leader with superior data and analytics on firms and people in the financial services and insurance industries across North America. Top asset and wealth management, fintech, media, consulting, and insurance companies depend on the company's data for their outreach. They provide unrivaled breadth, depth, and accuracy of data that is more comprehensive and impactful than any other B2B data provider. Discovery Data's simple-to-use, powerful, cloud-based data platform is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing processes and technology ecosystems. To learn more, visit

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