Discover Innovative and Modern Cat Furniture From Mau

Mau releases high-quality and eco-friendly designs to benefit both cats and their human owners

Modern Cat Furniture

​Mau, manufacturers of high-quality, modern cat furniture, are revolutionizing the industry by bringing a new perspective to classic cat favorites. The brand’s luxury cat tree, bed, and cave collections provide cats with comfy places to play, snooze, and relax, while meshing with contemporary home interiors.

Mau’s mission is a commitment to eco-friendly design and manufacturing. Mau provides a creative selection of designs sourced from real trees that no longer bear fruit with a new tree planted in return for every cat tree that’s purchased.

All of Mau’s luxury cat beds, caves, and trees are made by animal lovers for animal lovers. To better support the livelihood of animals all over the country, the Mau team donates 5% of the proceeds from each sale to The Smush Foundation, a non-profit that supports the work of a wide variety of animal welfare and rescue organizations. Mau also covers 50% of the cost of any of its products when purchased for donation to an animal shelter.

Mau works to offer an alternative cat furniture store that provides high-quality products for both cats and their owners. Their more popular designs include the Cento, Leone, Rizzo, and Alba. Interested readers are encouraged to browse the Mau collection today.

About Mau

Mau is a new kind of pet furniture company, with a focus on creating sustainable pieces that stand out in all the right ways. The brand’s innovative and eco-friendly cat trees, beds, and caves are designed with felines in mind, with unique features like real branches, built-in toys, and velvety materials that give cats a place to play and snooze in style. Each piece of furniture from Mau is intended to be a piece of art, bringing together style and functionality for one-of-a-kind furniture that pet parents won’t find anywhere else.

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