Discover Ethically Sourced Jewelry From Ella Rose

Everyone in search of ethically sourced bridal and fashion jewelry should visit the newly launched website from Ella Rose.

Ella Rose sources ethical, traceable, and natural gemstones and metals from partner mines in the United States and around the world. Their mission is to provide the highest quality engagement rings, wedding bands, and jewelry, handmade in the United States, at a realistic budget. Each Ella Rose gemstone is hand-picked based on natural beauty, inherent value, and ethical origin.

Their focus is radiant, lab-grown moissanite gemstones which are created in North Carolina with minimal environmental impact. Moissanite gemstones are even more brilliant than diamonds and are durable enough for everyday wear. Available at a fraction of the cost of traditional diamonds, this domestically sourced gemstone is perfect for any environmentally conscious bride-to-be.

In addition to moissanite engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry, Ella Rose also offers a wide variety of colored gemstone jewelry. Whether it’s an emerald from Brazil, a sapphire from Sri Lanka, or a morganite from California, each gemstone is responsibly sourced to ensure the conservation of our rivers, forests, and wildlife. 

While the gemstones themselves come from all over the globe, each engagement ring and wedding band is handmade in the United States by jewelers with decades of fine jewelry experience. Because Ella Rose trusts their master jewelers and gemologists, their engagement rings and wedding bands come with a lifetime warranty.

Ella Rose recently launched their website,, where you can find more information about their ethically sourced products.

About Ella Rose

Founded by brothers, David and Jonathan King, Ella Rose has become the best place for fine fashion and bridal jewelry that leaves a minimal impact on the environment. They design alternative engagement rings which rival the finest diamond brands. By donating 5% of the proceeds from every purchase directly to the Conservation Fund, a non-profit charity working towards environmental preservation, Ella Rose has embodied the sincere hope that they can leave the world a better place for their children.

To learn more about the products offered by Ella Rose, visit their website at

Source: Ella Rose