Disclaimers Online Helps Businesses Gain Greater Transparency, Be More Courteous and Build Trust With Their Customer Base

Disclaimers Online hopes to work with consumer advocate groups, state consumer protection groups and businesses to build transparency in the retail space. The goal is simple, and that is to place at the ready disclaimer information in a format that is easily accessible and readable on demand.

​​​​​​Signature Media Group prepares to launch Disclaimers Online, a website, which allows consumers to go online and search for a company’s disclaimers that are often found at the end of advertisements. Typically, consumers have very little time, usually two to three seconds, to read a company’s disclaimer while watching a commercial on television or listing to a radio version. Even if a consumer is interested in the product or service, there remain some unknowns because the disclaimer information has not been easily accessible until now.

Disclaimers Online’s website acts as a consumer destination and education tool that will put knowledge at the consumer’s fingertips. This site will benefit consumers by allowing them to be better informed and make smarter purchasing decisions. For businesses, it opens up a greater opportunity for transparency and allows for better trust with their customers, which ultimately builds a more loyal customer base. Disclaimer's Online provides a mechanism where everybody wins,  including state agencies, federal agencies, consumers, and the Community at large.

“Through Disclaimers Online, we are able to provide disclaimers in one central location that is easy to search and consumers can read at their leisure allowing them to make more informed purchasing choices,” says Perry Hines, CEO of Disclaimers Online. “By partnering with Disclaimers Online, business let their customers know they are honest, transparent, and respectful and care about their customers’ investment in their products or services.”

Consumers now more than ever turn to the internet to research products and services and know that the disclaimers at the end of advertisements contain important information that they have been unable to access. Until now this information was not provided in one easily searchable space for no cost. The site is easy to use, allowing consumers to easily search for the product or service, view the advertisement, and then read through the disclaimer at their own pace. The goal is to build off the work of current consumer education and advocate groups by providing the next level of information than what has been currently available. Disclaimers online also believes it’s a matter of being courteous to customers, allowing only a few seconds to read and understand  what is obviously a very important part of the advertisement is akin to not knowing the end of the story.

Consumer advocacy groups in 2015 had more than 166 million inquiries regarding business practices and complaints an increase over previous years. With more than 30 million businesses many using disclaimers and or disclosures in some form, Disclaimers Online’s website bridges the knowledge gap between what a businesses is putting out there and a consumer actually has the opportunity to read before making a purchase. Disclaimers Online is looking to partner with any business that uses disclaimers including the automotive industry, pharmaceutical companies, mortgages and reverse-mortgages business, educational institutions and more.

“The return on investment for businesses is simply added value to the brand. A more informed consumer is a better customer ultimately,” adds Hines. “A business can’t buy trust. That is something that is demonstrated and developed over time, and Disclaimers Online is an added opportunity for businesses to do just that.”

Hines notes that businesses who utilize the service of Disclaimers Online and provide its logo and link to the site in their advertisements will separate out themselves from the ones that don’t and provide added-value to their customer base. For more information, please reach out to info@disclaimersonline.com or visit DisclaimersOnline.com.

About Disclaimers Online

Disclaimers Online offers a consumer education website providing businesses’ advertisement disclaimers in one easily-accessible space that consumers can search and read at their own pace. For more information and to search the site, visit DisclaimersOnline.com.

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About Disclaimers Online

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Disclaimers Online offers a consumer education website providing businesses' advertisement disclaimers in one easily-accessible space that consumers can search and read at their own pace.

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