Disability Application Help Launches a New Website to Offer a Free Social Security Disability Online Case Evaluation

Disability Application Help

​Disability Application Help provides a free, nationwide disability benefits evaluation service. A new website has been launched that makes it easier for people to request a free case evaluation. The free service allows disabled people to quickly find out if they may qualify for social security disability benefits. Some people may find that after working many years on the job that their body can't do the work that it once did. An example of a person that may qualify for benefits would be a person who was a roofer for many years and now finds that their knees are in very bad shape. If the person can't find another job because they did only roofing during their career, they may qualify for social security disability benefits. 

It's easy for people to request a free case evaluation. A person enters their contact information online and answers a few simple questions. A disability advocate or attorney will review the information and then call the disabled person to ask any additional questions and give the results of the disability benefits evaluation.

Disability Application Help has reliably been providing free social security disability case evaluations since August 2011. Disability Application Help has its headquarters in Rochester, New York. 

Disability Application Help welcomes links from other websites to promote the free disability case evaluation service. Visit Disability Application Help at https://www.disabilityapplicationhelp.org.

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