Dirty Data Costs the US Economy $3.1 Trillion Yearly

Dirty, inconsistent and redundant data cost the U.S. economy over $3.1 Trillion every year - a figure twice the size of the 2011 Federal Deficit, according to industry expert Hollis Tibbetts.

Artemis Ventures LLC, a leading-edge software marketing and technology consulting firm, and SoftwareMarketingExperts.com, the "Great Software IS Great Marketing" site, today announced the release of a new Best Practices guide entitled "[url: http://hollistibbetts.sys-con.com/node/1975126/] $3 Trillion Problem: Three Best Practices for Today's Dirty Data Pandemic [/url]".

"Bad data is a $3.1 Trillion problem for the U.S. economy. It's twice the size of the Federal deficit", said data and integration expert Hollis Tibbetts - Principal Analyst and Managing Director at Artemis Ventures LLC. "No matter how far off my estimate is ...on the high side or the low side...it's a problem of astonishing proportions".

"Incorrect, fraudulent, inconsistent and redundant data are the dirt that is swept under the carpet of the U.S. economy. It goes unnoticed, but it is a drag on the US economy, getting in the way of job growth, economic expansion and global competitiveness", Tibbetts continued.

"In survey after survey, about half of IT executives consistently agree that data quality and data consistency is one of the biggest roadblocks to them getting full value from their data, yet consistently organizations fail to address this issue", said Tibbetts, who is also the author of ebizQ's "Integration Edge".

The Best Practices guide is discussion of the Dirty Data Pandemic, as well as a series of easily implementable best practices to improve almost any organization's data quality profile. The guide is freely downloadable today at http://hollistibbetts.sys-con.com. No registration is required.

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