Director/Photographer, Jordan Taylor Wright, Releases Debut Book 'Forever in the Infinite Now' in Time for National Meditation Day

Book to Launch on New Platform, IntentOn, along with Taylor Cut Courses and Custom Photography Filters, Plus Local Book Signings with Q&A

Jordan Taylor Wright

Jordan Taylor Wright, Founder of Taylor Cut Films and content creator to the stars, announced today the release of his new book, "Forever in the Infinite Now." The book, which serves as a tool to help readers meditate, is accompanied by a curated soundtrack to aid in the mediation process and features custom illustrations by Rebecca Reitz. The book is available for pre-order now on and Wright’s new interactive digital platform, IntentOn. The official release date coincides with National Meditation Day, May 31.

While spending years traveling the world while on tour with eight-time Grammy Award-winner Usher and creating stunning visual content for artists including Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, The Chainsmokers and many others, Wright found himself on a spiritual journey. He credits his career and personal success with finding meditation and learning to live in the present. "Forever in the Infinite Now" delves into Wright’s own experience and aims to share this message with his fans.

“I got to experience these amazing places at such a high level, but I also saw how chasing money doesn’t make you truly fulfilled. Once we, as humans, realize that we are all nothing and by nothing, I mean no thing, we are freed to realize that we are also all everything. When we operate without ego, we are able to find what is truly fulfilling,” said Jordan Taylor Wright, author.

The book is also a precursor to Wright’s upcoming full-length film, "Discovery of the Divine Consciousness," which was shot in Tokyo, New Zealand, Alaska and Los Angeles and set to debut late 2018, focusing on similar themes.

“With so many projects in the works, I needed a place to share everything with my fans which is why I am also launching a digital platform, IntentOn, which means you remove the ‘i’ from intention so you’re operating without ego,” said Jordan Taylor Wright.

The platform serves as a one-stop shop for accessing Wright’s new book and film, but will also include many custom features. Fans of Wright’s can learn how he creates certain visual effects and photography aesthetics through his Taylor Cut University where Wright will teach filmmaking and photography techniques he uses. The platform will also offer custom Adobe Lightroom photography filters. IntentOn will operate on a subscription-based model for content, with select a la carte options available.

Los Angeles-based fans of Wright’s work can also attend one of his local book signings to celebrate the launch of his book and platform. Wright will be on hand to answers questions and connect with fans. For more information on these dates and to pre-order the book and reserve event tickets, please visit

About Jordan Taylor Wright
Jordan Taylor Wright, the founder of Taylor Cut Films, is a creative director and filmmaker based out of Los Angeles. Taylor Cut Films is a production company/ creative agency specializing in music videos, commercials, and films. Over a 10 year span, Taylor Cut Films has worked and created original content for artists such as Usher, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and The Chainsmokers. Jordan and his team are currently creating ad campaigns with renowned brands such as Bose, L’Oréal, American Express, and Marvel. Taylor Cut Films will soon announce a slate of original TV and film content for 2018/2019. To learn more follow Jordan on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

About "Forever in the Infinite Now"
"Forever in the Infinite Now" is a visual written narrative with illustrations explaining how we as humans are the functioning harmony between our mind, physical body, and spirit. As we read along with a curated playlist, we get to discover how to remove ourselves from our thoughts and ego, to live in a place of meditation, perceiving this reality from the mirror reflection of our conscious awareness. Let’s allow ourselves to be free from any stress, worry, and attachments, to live eternally in happiness within the infinite moment of now.

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