Direct Options Announces the Release of PowerSegments™

New Residential Segmentation Solution Addresses the Marketing Needs of Utilities

One of the biggest frustrations for the marketing teams at utility companies can now be a thing of the past.  Direct Options, a leading customer marketing and analytics firm, has developed a new segmentation product built specifically for utilities.  PowerSegments is created based on a utility’s specific needs and defined territory.  It provides the benefits of custom segmentation without the inherent hassles and high costs of custom segmentation.

“We’re excited to launch a solution that puts targeting, messaging, program preferences, and EE savings potential at a utility marketer’s fingertips,” said Mike Raulston, Direct Options’ SVP of Client Engagement.  “There simply hasn’t been customer segmentation designed specifically for utilities until now.”

We're excited to launch a solution that puts targeting, messaging, program preferences, and EE savings potential at a utility marketer's fingertips. There simply hasn't been customer segmentation designed specifically for utilities until now.

Mike Raulston, SVP of Client Engagement

For years, utility marketers were constrained to geodemographic segmentation systems.  These consumer “lifestyle” systems were built on demographic characteristics and consumer product purchase behavior – many unrelated to the utility industry – to help predict utility customer preferences.  With PowerSegments, the utilities’ actual customer data and programs are combined with demographics and psychographics and are transformed into a more complete and predictive profile of every customer.  Now utilities can pinpoint the appropriate programs to develop and the optimal messages to deliver to maximize customer engagement with their brand.

“Traditional segmentation systems aren’t relevant for a utility company and until now, creating a customized solution was cost prohibitive and time consuming,” added Ashlie Ossege, VP of Analytics at Direct Options.  “PowerSegments is actionable, predictive and easy to use.  It gives everyone on the marketing team powers above and beyond those which they previously had access.” 

The PowerSegments solution is based on Direct Options’ 26 years of experience marketing to utility customers and is created through Direct Option’s proprietary CustomerOptimizer™ methodology.  PowerSegments incorporates relevant data such as usage, home profile, demographics and more to create an in-depth customer view that can easily be put into action. 

PowerSegments unleashes the power of residential customer segmentation by pairing a utility’s internal usage data with deep insight into customers’ attitudes to give a utility the insight needed to market more effectively. And, all this is integrated into the utility’s operational system with an easy-to-use dashboard tailored to the users’ roles on the marketing team.  In short, PowerSegments forms the foundation of a utility’s successful marketing plan.

“Utilities are continually seeking new ways to improve their marketing results,” added Raulston.  “PowerSegments puts the power of utility’s customer data in their hands.  It gives a utility the marketing muscle to divide the landscape of their customer population and deliver products that suit their needs.  It has the potential to make every member of the marketing team a real hero.”

For more information on PowerSegments, please visit or call 800.749.3678.

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Direct Options is a full-service analytics, marketing and consulting agency with an emphasis on customer intelligence. The company provides a full suite of energy efficiency and unregulated program marketing solutions. Direct Options is guided by the knowledge that a deeper understanding of customers creates a more personal and trusted relationship with their utility.

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