Dipo Globe Launches Travel Neck Pillow With Memory Foam and Cooling Gel on Amazon

Relax and find comfort anywhere - on Airplane, Bus, Train or Car.

Dipo Globe is pleased to announce the release of an inimitable neck pillow known as Travel Neck Pillow with Memory Foam and Cooling Gel on amazon.com, which offers relaxation and comfort anywhere; on Airplane, Bus, Train or Car.

The Travel Neck Pillow from Dipo Globe come with a100% cotton made eye mask for maximum comfort and fondle sensation, ideal for adult and kids and perfect for those who suffer from back and neck pain. It is made of high quality temperature sensitive memory foam that molten to the contour of your neck and shoulders with U-shaped pillow that helps getting more sleeping hours on the airplane, train, car, bus, at home, office, pool, beach, and at the same time releases tension off the neck and back.

Apart from that, it is a memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow with luxury folding pillow, perfect support and provides all the support and comfort needed for resting for Airplane or Train Office with Carry-On bag (ability to be folded into 25% of its size) and free eye mask.

No sooner than the Dipo Globe is released that sales start coming and not without positive reviews. One of the buyers is Sarah B on December 12, 2015. She commented; “This is the first travel pillow I've had that I'm able to compress/pack that isn't inflatable, which pleases me! Inflatable pillows are just the worst. This is nice, soft but responsive memory foam. As other reviewers have mentioned, there is less foam on the back of the pillow, which in my opinion is a good thing. Airplane seats generally push your head forward, and adding a thick travel pillow usually leaves your head in a very uncomfortable position. This lack of foam on the back solves that issue. I love that there's a spot for an ipod/phone, LOVE that you can compress it into its own travel bag, love that it comes with a sleep mask (i use these every night and especially while traveling).”

It is important to note everyone who buys the travel pillow a free bonus of a quality 100% cotton made eye mask for free! The eye mask is light proof with dust and bacteria pocket protection. It is what every traveler mustn’t joke with.

Get more information about Travel Neck Pillow at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015LQVD9E