Dimplex Proves That the Future of Fireplaces is Electric With Revolutionary New Designs

Innovation sets Dimplex apart!

Dimplex Ignitexl Bold Built-in Linear Electric Fireplace

Every principal space needs a hero, whether it's a modern lobby, a chic restaurant, or a designer living room. The IgniteXL Bold Dimplex's latest addition to their roster of Linear Electric Fireplaces is that hero.

Available in 50", 60", 74", 88" and 100" sizes, the Bold is designed to elevate any space. Featuring a flawless, panoramic view and industry-leading flexible installation options, connect up to 5 units for a maximum of 500", allowing you to build your own modern masterpiece.

Sustainability has never been easier. Dimplex Electric fireplaces convert 99.9% of input energy to heat to maximize efficiency and, reduce the environmental impact. The IgniteXL Bold uses Dimplex's patented Comfort$aver® ceramic heating system, automatically adjusting the fan speed and heating element to safely and precisely match the requirements of your room, providing consistent warmth while using less energy than other electric fireplaces. 

"The perfect fireplace can completely transform a room, becoming the focal point and a conversation piece that brings a group together," said Jim Bottrell, Vice President of Sales for Glen Dimplex Americas. "Our latest designs have created a simple, seamless way for customers to make a statement while instantly creating a warm, inviting atmosphere."

The IgniteXL Bold electric fireplace will elevate any space! For more information to help you choose the perfect fireplace for your home, visit Dimplex.com to shop all our electric fireplaces and find a retailer near you.

Interested in seeing fireplaces in person? Follow the "Discover Dimplex Tour" to view our most current designs and stay up to date on the newest innovations in electric fireplace technology.

About Dimplex

North American leader in design and innovation, Dimplex continually challenges the status quo on a global scale to create electric flame and heat products for the discriminating buyer. With dozens of patented technologies, Dimplex fireplaces dazzle the senses, and their heaters make spaces more efficient and comfortable no matter the size. Appreciate the energy efficiency and smaller eco-footprint while taking a deep breath as you relax in front of a welcoming Dimplex fireplace or heater.

Source: Dimplex North America