Digitunity & Jersey City Housing Authority to Donate Over 300 Computers to Youth

Young JCHA residents to receive donations of computers, vital for education, at a public event at the Booker T. Washington public housing development.

Digitunity and the Jersey City Housing Authority will give 75 computers to young people who need them for their education, in a public event at 11:00 AM Thursday, July 28, at the Booker T. Washington housing development in Jersey City, New Jersey. In total, over 300 computers will be provided to JCHA youth over the next year.

The event is one of several distributions in the New York City area for Digitunity, a national nonprofit organization that closes the technology gap by connecting low-income people with the computers they need. Digitunity believes access to a computer at home has become vital for people to succeed both in school and economically.

"In today's education system, children need a computer in their home to do research and run the applications they need for homework and projects. Yet, one-third of Black and Hispanic households don't have that resource," said Scot Henley, executive director of Digitunity. "Providing these computers helps close the digital divide. That is Digitunity's mission. We're thrilled to partner with the Jersey City Housing Authority and Electronic Access Foundation to help these young people." 

The Electronic Access Foundation is a nonprofit organization and Digitunity partner that obtains surplus electronic equipment from corporations, universities, and other groups and donates them to other qualified charitable organizations.

The Jersey City Housing Authority (JCHA), created in 1938, provides affordable housing for low-income families, seniors, and people with disabilities. It administers about 7,100 housing units, home to over 15,000 people. JCHA administrators thank both groups for their support.

"Digitunity and our local partner, Electronic Access Foundation, have played an essential role in the development of JCHA's digital inclusion initiatives since 2019," said JCHA Executive Director Vivian Brady-Phillips.

"Through donations of refurbished computers, EAF has provided computers that enabled JCHA to develop on-site computer labs at four of our public housing developments and provided computers directly to families. With these resources, JCHA leverages local nonprofit partnerships to host digital literacy classes and provide computer access to residents without devices at home. This latest initiative with AT&T will allow nearly 300 of its youngest residents in-home computers to truly access a 21st-century education."

A portion of the computer donations will be distributed to JCHA youth who attend the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hudson County. Jersey City Mayor Steven M. Fullop said the initiative was another example of how the city employs creative approaches to assist its citizens.

"In Jersey City, we've taken innovative approaches to expand opportunities for all residents, with a focus on eliminating the socioeconomic barriers disproportionately impacting communities of color," Fullop said. "From promoting homeownership and self-sufficiency, to place-based community programs that support children and seniors, provide vital resources and create powerful partnerships that deliver results, including this latest initiative. The work we're doing together today will impact residents for generations to come. We want to get local businesses involved in donating used computers to support digital equity for low-income families."

To learn more about Digitunity's mission to end the digital divide, please visit Digitunity.org.

About Digitunity
Since the 1980s, Digitunity and its predecessor organization have advanced digital inclusion by connecting technology donors with organizations serving people in need. Our mission is to ensure everyone who needs a computer has one, along with robust internet connectivity and digital literacy skills. To learn more about our mission, visit www.digitunity.org.

About Jersey City Housing Authority 
The Jersey City Housing Authority (JCHA) is New Jersey's second-largest public housing authority. Serving 15,000 residents in Jersey City, it is the most diverse municipality in the country. JCHA is responsible for the administration of approximately 7,100 housing units, including 2,400 public housing units and over 4,700 Housing Choice Vouchers.

Recognizing that resident needs go beyond housing, JCHA established its Department of Resident Empowerment and Community Engagement (RECE) in 2018. It has developed innovative partnerships with government agencies, nonprofits, and institutes of higher education to offer a broad range of services to residents with a focus on youth, workforce development, seniors, and digital inclusion.

As a result of its contracts with internet service providers, including Starry and Andrena, and paired with the FCC's subsidy programs, nearly 1,500 JCHA households will have access to free, high-speed internet by late 2022.

The JCHA has been lauded as a champion of energy efficiency and green building practices, policies promoting Section 3 hiring, and an impeccable track record of revitalizing distressed public housing. In addition, its Section 8 program has been ranked among the best in the state.

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