Digitunity Infographic Introduces Return on Community as a Key Element of Digital Equity, Environmental, Social, and Governance Strategies

Corporations choose computer donation as an alternative to recycling, reduce the environmental impact of e-waste, and help close the digital divide in their communities.

Coming off of the 2022 Net Inclusion panel presentation Device Access Solutions: Completing the Digital Equity Triangle, Digitunity has released an infographic highlighting the issue of the technology gap and the social and environmental benefits of donating computers for reuse through Digitunity and their Alliance of Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR) program. 

A national public charity, Digitunity connects corporate and individual donors to thousands of partner organizations to place hundreds of thousands of computers each year in its long-running effort to close the technology gap. The acceleration of digitalization in all parts of daily life and the degree of inequity for those without a computer and reliable access places the technology gap high on the priority list of business leaders across the United States. 

"Donating your computer to a nonprofit computer refurbisher provides a 100% 'Return on Community' by equipping people with the technology, skills, and support to be successful," said Susan Krautbauer, senior director of strategy and development for Digitunity, "To successfully navigate in a digital world, individuals need a personal computer, internet access, and basic digital skills."

Recognized as a longstanding issue, the pandemic exposed, in an unprecedented fashion, that digital inequity impacts a wide array of people. Through its Digital Opportunity Network, Digitunity fosters collaboration and engages cross-sector stakeholders at local levels to solve this national-level problem. 

Digitunity works to: 

  • Increase the supply of no-cost and low-cost computers in communities.
  • Position technology reuse at the center of the solution.
  • Drive local business, government, and philanthropic engagement.
  • Cement relationships between nonprofit refurbishers and front-line community organizations.
  • Recruit and involve local ambassadors to champion the work and share knowledge.
  • Establish and promote a clear pathway for individuals and families to obtain devices and related support.

"The solution to the technology gap must be comprehensive and long-lasting," Krautbauer said. "Device ownership is truly the heart of digital equity." 

Digitunity and its alliance of nonprofit technology refurbishers are committed to addressing this barrier and unlocking equitable opportunities for everyone through computer reuse. To learn more about Return on Community, the value of computer donation, and download a copy of the infographic, visit https://links.digitunity.org/used-computers-close-techgap.

About Digitunity
Digitunity connects corporate and individual donors of technology to thousands of partner organizations every day, providing the technology and support they require to deliver community-based programs to people in need across North America. 

With a proven body of work and a national network of member organizations, Digitunity works to ensure all barriers that limit equitable opportunity to participate in our digitally connected society are removed. To learn more, visit www.digitunity.org.

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Source: Digitunity