Digitiv Launches PodOps, the Most Advanced Way for Podcast Show Hosts and Guests to Meet

PodOps Podcast Guest Booking

Digitiv has announced the launch of a new mobile app: PodOps. The app is the most advanced way for podcast show hosts and guests to connect and book interviews. Powered by machine learning, interviews are as good as booked. With PodOps, individuals can easily find and connect with potential guests, explore profiles and interests, and read reviews from other podcasters. It's also possible to book interviews directly through the app. With PodOps, making podcasts is easier than ever before.

Digitiv believes PodOps will revolutionize the way podcast show hosts and guests come together to create content. PodOps is a completely native mobile app designed for iOS and Android, putting the power of connecting with others in an individual's pocket at all times. This is not a web-based app or a browser-based tool, like competing products on the market today — meaning the app is faster, easier, and has the ability to encompass ease-of-use features people have come to know and love. Once a user creates an account, it's possible to right-swipe favorite profiles to launch a chat, book an interview in the app based on suggested times curated from both user profiles, and get an interview on the books. Add to this a feature where users can determine the best matches for an interview by engaging with the machine learning tools by answering simple yes and no questions at any time.

Digitiv is a podcast production and technology company focused on helping individuals and small businesses use technology to grow their online presence. Founded in 2020, owners Rob Winters and Brittany Brown have worked to grow a culture of innovation through out-of-the-box thinking and creative solutions. The Digitiv team knows each company and individual may have a different goal, or problem, and the solution needs to be as individualized to ensure success. This thinking is how PodOps was developed, as a way to ease the process of identifying and setting up interviews for podcast hosts.

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Rob Winters
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PodOps is the most advanced way for podcast show hosts and guests to meet. Powered by machine learning, your next interview is as good as booked.

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