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BlockClick, a platform that enables advertisers, ad networks, and affiliates to benefit from blockchain technology, while reducing fraud in the digital marketing industry, has unveiled the Marketplace for active users of the BlockClick ecosystem.

One-Click User History

The Marketplace lists all active users who’ve set their profile to public. Information about each user’s ranking is available by clicking on their profile. Buyers’ and sellers’ credit rating, statistics, categories, payment history, and traffic sources are visible as well, making it easier for advertisers and other users to determine their history and credibility.

An overall star rating is provided as well. The information gives a look into the success a particular buyer or seller has had in executing Smart Contracts, or encrypted agreements managed through the Ethereum network. Insights gathered via the Marketplace, therefore, helps users avoid fraudulent transactions and find legitimate parties to work with.

A Trusted Environment

Using the BlockClick Marketplace, digital advertisers and marketers can:

  • Identify the industry verticals they operate in.
  • Reveal the type of traffic they provide or are looking for.
  • Track sales, conversions, and all aspects of transactions.
  • Get support from the Community Help Centre.
  • Use Contract Monitor to track their own activity.

In addition, users have access to their exchange information, wallet, and offers as well as other features provided by BlockClick. Profiles reveal details and statistics on specific users such as:

  • Number of offers
  • Number of contracts
  • Average refund percentage
  • Average chargeback percentage
  • Average fraud percentage

Traffic sources can be viewed as well. Users can see whether the party in question uses display, content, email, social network, or comparison sources. Marketplace also allows one to search for sellers or buyers directly, and look them up by category (i.e., automotive, beauty, education, financial, travel, etc.). An advanced search function allows one to look up buyers/sellers by country, traffic source, language, and rating.

The platform is, therefore, a single source where users can view pertinent details, and where advertisers can source and/or provide traffic to one another. It also guarantees fraudulent traffic won’t be paid for, and all payments are secured using blockchain technology and BlockClick’s Smart Contracts.

To learn more about BlockClick and its prototype platform, visit, or sign up to access the prototype at

For Media Inquiries, please contact Mark Reiken, Chief Marketing Officer; email:

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