Digital Marketing Firm Drastically Increases Client Rankings in the Search Engines

One of Our Client Rankings officially opens its doors to service the local market. With a population of over 2.7 million, this new SEO agency is ready to help local businesses receive more monthly traffic and sales to their website than ever before.

There are hundreds of businesses missing out on potential sales. has proven that, with the correct marketing strategies, it can help business owners increase search engine rankings and sales. While it is nice to go from a page nine ranking result to page two with a little on-page optimization work, it really doesn't do a whole lot in terms of sales increases. In order to have a thriving online website, it must rank in the top three positions. This is what one Utah-based customer has now found with their website -

With over 2.7 million people in Chicago, it is incredibly important to make sure that a website is properly optimized so that the potential client base can easily find the company. We have found that there are more than 10,000 websites in the USA that still lack the needed on-page SEO optimization. If business owners knew that with a few short hours on the computer they could drastically improve their rankings, well, they would be all over it.

However, the issue with search engine optimization is not the massive amount of man hours that are needed in order to optimize a website, but rather, a skilled professional that knows how to check for possible on-page website issues and fix them properly. There are website scan tools that, in fact, allow a scan of the website and analyze over 50 website factors. This is beneficial for businesses in Chicago because, with a little website optimization, they can start ranking within the top two pages of the major search engines. 

Taylor Johnson, CEO of this startup company, has found that by optimizing the on-page factors alone of his client websites, he has been able to bring keyword rankings from page nine to page two on Google. The sad fact is that less than one percent of the population knows how to properly implement on-page site changes, which is why there is a huge need for professionals. 

The company in Chicago has found that in order to go from page two to the top three positions in the search engine results, real SEO work must be performed in order to outrank the competition. With so many businesses in Chicago needing increased website growth, this Chicago, Illinois, marketing agency is determined to help as many businesses succeed as possible.

To rank on page one is a challenge, but to achieve top three rankings for all targeted keywords is where real professionals are needed. Finding a good Chicago marketing firm like is an absolute must for the majority of businesses that rely on their online sales for stability. Businesses are encouraged to use the free SEO audit tool in order to learn more about their website factors. By analyzing the website and comparing it to competitors' sites, we can then make a solid plan as to how we can outrank even the highest competition on the internet. Learn more by calling 312-428-6976 or filling out the free video audit request form today.

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