Digital Marketing Agency Steel Marketing Merges With Hite Digital

Steel Marketing is merging with digital marketing agency Hite Digital in 2021 to improve services and increase their clients' growth. Steel Marketing specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), Google Adwords (PPC), website design and more for real estate investors and other service businesses.

Steel Marketing Merges With Hite Digital

Steel Marketing, a digital marketing agency that focuses primarily in the real estate investment and home service industries, has announced their merger with Hite Digital in an effort to bring current and future clients accelerated growth.

Steel Marketing was founded in late 2017 by Caleb Luketic. Since then, they've helped over 20 different industries over their 3+ years of being in operation with Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords (Pay-Per-Click), Facebook Ads, CRM development and more.

Hite Digital was founded by JC Hite, also in 2017, as a digital marketing agency that helps business and other agencies scale. They quickly became (and continue to be) a Certified Google Partner and Microsoft Ads Partner, and their team is certified in Google Ads and Facebook.

After experiencing 200% growth in the last 2 years and growing from a team of 3 to 50+, Hite Digital decided they could provide even more growth by establishing an innovative franchise model. They launched this new model in 2021, with Steel Marketing as one of their first.

Steel Marketing is expected to transition fully under the Hite Digital brand over the next 90 or so days. The Steel Marketing website will still be active but will show a new logo that reads, "Steel Marketing - Powered By Hite Digital."

"We could not be more excited about this opportunity to be a part of the Hite Digital Family," Caleb Luketic, CEO of Steel Marketing, said. "We did not make this decision overnight. It took a number of months to finalize this, but we feel this is the best move for us as a company to provide our clients with the best results they can possibly get."

"We have common, shared values not only with our clients and the expected results, but also in our own personal lives," Luketic continued. "It's fun to do business with people you enjoy being around, but my favorite part is that I know JC and his family are my family and vice versa. If something ever happened to myself or JC, we know we have each other's back and same for our families."

"The future's looking bright," JC Hite, founder of Hite Digital, said. "We're beyond thrilled to be bringing Caleb and his team under our Hite Digital umbrella. Caleb brings a lot of unique perspectives and value to the table, which I believe is going to help really accelerate our internal growth and that of our clients."

Caleb Luketic is now a managing partner under the Hite Digital brand, and he also operates the Nashville branch. His Steel Marketing team is still operating their normal day-to-day operations with current and future clients.

Source: Steel Marketing