Digital Magazine; Connecting People to Opportunities in Career and Business Building

BRITE future is a new digital magazine which aims to connect people to opportunities in London; finding a job, building a career, starting a business or finding a learning or training opportunity are the key messages which this magazine promotes. In some cases, we are giving people a second or new chance!

​The magazine was created by Robert Mitton to help people connect to new opportunities; he found himself in mind numbing job after another when he first arrived in London, until someone gave him the opportunity to study and he grabbed it with arms wide open! Now he aims to help other people to connect to the right options. 

The magazine will be available monthly and is free to view on browser across all devices. The first edition is out and features tips on writing the perfect CV, apprenticeships, writing a business plan and learning options. The publication already looks set to be bigger by edition two! 

To view the magazine:

The magazine was created to help solve motivation issues, alongside unemployment and skills shortages in the UK. Robert already has an organization which helps people find the right learning option for them.