Digital Amplifier Company Nears the End of Their Fourth Successful Kickstart Campaign

Backers have until May 12th to take advantage of attractive incentives for participating in the Maraschino Video Series project.

The Digital Amplifier Company, known for their Cherry, Cherry ULTRA, Cherry MONO, Cherry MONO ULTRA, and now the Maraschino series of high performance amplifiers, is nearing the end of their fourth successful Kickstarter campaign, "Maraschino Video Series", according to Tommy O’Brien, company founder. Current customers and those interested in the company’s products have until May 12th to participate as backers in this campaign, which will fund a high-quality Maraschino Video Series. Backers also have access to purchase new DAC products not available to the general public; for example, the MEGAschino Cherry Digital Amplifier is only available through the current Kickstarter project at this time.

Funds raised in the campaign will go to hire a videographer and secure the equipment needed to produce high-quality videos, including:

  • New product announcements
  • Use of the company’s products in various systems and configurations
  • How to pack and unpack the company’s products for shipping
  • Miscellaneous information on accessories, industry trends, etc.

The biggest challenge with this project may be dividing up the subject material into individual videos. “What to cover for a specific product is relatively simple, but when it comes to various use cases for our equipment, there’s a lot to cover,” says O’Brien.

The company has already posted a few videos on their YouTube Channel for storage and testing. Links to the videos will also be available from the Digital Amp Co board on Audio Circle and on the company’s thread on AVS Forum.

The videos will maintain the focus on the customer that has helped Digital Amp grow a loyal customer base. O’Brien expects this project to have a significant return on investment and is offering several incentives are being offered to backers based on their level of support for the campaign. A complete description of these incentives is on  Just search for "Maraschino".

About Digital Amplifier Company

Digital Amplifier Company was founded in 1996 after several years of developing switching amplifiers for audio. In 2006, the company introduced their own finished product developed entirely in-house, the DAC4800A. What followed was the Cherry, Cherry ULTRA, Cherry MONO, Cherry MONO ULTRA, and now the Maraschino series of amplifiers (Desktop Maraschino, In-Line "hanging" Maraschino, Stereo Integrated Maraschino), DAC DAC, and the NEW MEGAschino ampifier). The digital Amplifier Company builds advanced amplifier technology from the ground up for your listening pleasure, one unit at a time.

Tommy O’Brien, FOUNDER


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