Digiprint Suite, Founded by Samantha Churchill, Introduces the New Woodland Friends Children's Wall Art Collection

Digiprint Suite makes its debut with a signature line of adorable Woodland Friends wall art collection, featuring on-trend styles and boho designs which are expected to create a buzz for children all around the world

Samantha Churchill

The brand new Woodland Friends Collection from Samantha Churchill of Digiprint Suite releases Oct. 23, 2018. 

Known for her modern watercolor children’s prints, Samantha has created the new Woodland Friends Collection which will feature on-trend watercolor designs of favorite woodland animals, from cute baby deer to stylish boho foxes and modern cosmic bears. Her new collection is said to embrace the modern styles and home design trends for children’s decor and has been greatly anticipated.

Thus for the first time, Samantha has created an entire product line of her favorite adorable modern watercolor artwork which has been designed with babies and children at heart. As well as encouraging their physical, emotional and cognitive development, the visual stimulation from each design will help babies and young children to promote curiosity and an interest in exploring the world around them. 

Following on-trend and simplistic modern designs, each product from the collection has been created to help parents create a calming, cosy and visually stimulating environment which is perfect for their little treasures. 

The collection is available Oct. 23, 2018, at digiprintsuite.com, where the limited products are scheduled to sell out by the end of the season.

Available in a range of lovable designs, the new line includes adorable individual woodland animals, floral and leafy woodland patterns, cosmic designs for the older child and a range of boho features. 

Pieces of the collection are available in a variety of sizes and mediums, including instant digital downloads, high-quality premium prints and striking, contemporary framed designs that present a stylish addition to any child’s nursery or bedroom. 

Samantha, being a mother of two herself, believes that safety is paramount when designing wall art for children and the choice to use acrylic fronts in each frame instead of glass reduces the risk of breakages and injury during those fun playtimes.  

The Woodland Friends Collection ranges in prices from £4.95 to £160.

Samantha is excited to welcome her fans to her new product line collection that they’ve been requesting.

For more information about the Woodland Friends Collection or for an interview with Samantha, please write to sam@digiprintsuite.com. Media high-res photos available upon request.

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