Digication and Teach Access Announce Partnership to Advance Accessibility Literacy in Digital Education

Digication, a leading Ed-Tech company serving millions of users across more than 7,000 K-12 schools and higher education institutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Teach Access, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to making digital accessibility a fundamental component of education. This collaboration, cultivated over the past year, is set to transform the digital learning landscape by integrating accessibility literacy into educational practices.

Deepening Commitment to Accessibility

Digication's commitment to enhancing accessibility goes beyond compliance with standards; it's about educating and empowering its user base. Partnering with Teach Access will bring a wealth of resources and tools to Digication's platform, aiding in creating accessible digital content.

Teach Access is an innovative non-profit collaboration between education, industry, government, and disability advocacy organizations. It addresses the urgent need to enrich students' understanding of digital accessibility in designing, developing, and creating new technologies, considering the needs of people with disabilities.

Digication and Teach Access envision a future where technology products and services are inherently accessible, with students entering the workforce equipped with knowledge and skills in accessible design and development.

Innovative Tools for Accessible Content Creation

Digication will introduce new features to assist users in creating accessible content, such as notifications for missing image alt text or video captions. This proactive approach ensures that all content on the Digication platform is accessible and inclusive.

A Future of Inclusive Digital Learning

"This partnership is a significant milestone in our mission to make digital learning accessible to all," said Jeff Yan, CEO of Digication. "Teach Access' expertise and resources will be invaluable in enhancing accessibility literacy among our users, paving the way for a more inclusive future in digital education."

Empowering Students and Teachers Through Teach Access Programs

Digication users will have access to free programs and resources for students and educators provided by Teach Access. This includes its Student Academy, Student Ambassador Program, Faculty Fellowship program, and Teach Access Grants for educators. Teach Access has given more than $350,000 in grants to educators to accelerate the integration of accessibility principles in college curricula. Additionally, Teach Access offers a free open educational resource, Curriculum Repository, and several online self-paced courses about disability and accessibility. Programs and resources remain free and open thanks to the support of corporate sponsors, individual and gift-in-kind donations, and grant support.

“We are grateful to Digication for this opportunity to reach their students and educators,” said Kate Sonka, Executive Director of Teach Access. “We aim to create systemic change within education so all students learn the fundamentals about disability and digital accessibility, creating a pipeline of future employees who can create technology accessible and inclusive for everyone. This collaboration greatly increases our visibility, helping us close in on our goal of reaching one million students by 2030.”

About Digication

Digication is a premier ePortfolio technology and assessment tool provider serving millions of users in K-12 and higher education institutions. Its mission is to facilitate dynamic and engaging learning experiences through innovative digital platforms.

About Teach Access

Teach Access is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization collaborating with education, industry, government, and disability advocacy organizations to address the critical need to enhance students' understanding of digital accessibility as they learn to design, develop, and build new technologies with the needs of people with disabilities in mind. Teach Access envisions a fully accessible future in which students enter the workforce with knowledge of the needs of people with disabilities and skills in the principles of accessible design and development, such that technology products and services are born accessible.

For more information about this partnership and to access the new resources, please visit Digication.com and TeachAccess.org.

Contact Information:
Kate Sonka
Executive Director

Source: Teach Access

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