Difass International Negotiates Exclusive Licence Deal With Expharma Limited for a Novel Dermatological Product to Ease Itching in Intertrigo

Difass International has negotiated an exclusive license deal with Expharma Limited for a novel dermatological product to ease itching in Intertrigo.

Difass International, an independent commercial stage company based in Italy, today announced it has negotiated a license for a novel IP covered topical API (Repenil) developed at its R&D center, with Expharma Limited (Expharma), a Specialty Pharma that develops innovative life science products for food supplementation and Medical Devices. Under this license, Expharma will develop, manufacture and market topical products based on a combination of the Difass API with Expharma's novel formulation of Silver (IASOS). 

Intertrigo is a skin disorder caused by the macerating effects of heat, moisture, and friction. Most often seen in the groin, axillae or in inframammary folds. Aetiological factors include past history of seborrhoeic dermatitis, infection with Candida albicans, diabetes mellitus, obesity, poor hygiene, humid climate.

Characteristically intertrigo presents as mild erythema, which can be seen initially as red plaques on each side of the affected skin fold (in a mirror image fashion). The patient complains of itching, stinging and burning. As the erythema progresses features of a more intense inflammation may develop e.g. - erosions, oozing, fissures, exudation, maceration, and crusting.

A large segment of the elderly population suffers from the condition and current therapeutic approach might benefit from a novel treatment combining anti pruritus and antifungal/antimicrobial activity.

Alida Agostini, Director of R&D at Difass, said:" There is a major unmet need for new treatments that can help reducing discomfort in the affected population and we are delighted to have helped translate this innovative research from our lab into a commercial reality. Repenil is an exciting ingredient that we hope will soon be available to the patients worldwide". 

Danilo Casadei Massari, Chief Executive Officer at Expharma, said:" This is an exciting time for us all. Expharma is a newly founded specialty pharmaceutical company that focuses on the research and development of proprietary products with unique safety profiles to address unmet needs. We welcome the opportunity to develop up to commercial stage products based on this innovative technology".

Difass International SrL, via Ausa 181, Coriano (RN) Italy, www.difass.com

Expharma Limited,  Office 8001, 21 Effie Road, London SW61EN, www.expharma.com

Source: ExPharma Ltd, Office 8001, 21 Effie Road, London SW6 1EN, www.expharma.com