Diamond Rings Are Still Forever Amidst Pandemic

Diamond Marketplace IDoNowIDont.com Sees Spike in Sales

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The world is in a state of disarray. In these challenging times, all that's being heard is bad news – both health-wise and financially. But, life and love continue to go on. At I Do Now I Don't, more and more couples are getting engaged. 

IDoNowIDont's online global marketplace is dedicated to the buying and selling of preloved diamond jewelry, mainly engagement rings. During these past months, we’ve seen a 28% uptick in the number of brides and grooms purchasing preloved engagement rings and wedding bands. It seems as though self-quarantine has forced couples-to-be to search for new ways to purchase engagement rings without emptying their bank account or leaving their home.

In turn, the listings on I Do Now I Don’t (www.idonowidont.com) have significantly increased by 30%, with people selling everything from diamond rings to wedding bands, watches to family heirlooms. It appears as if everyone is scrambling to find quick cash, even if it means selling off a valued possession.

For Mark from Ohio, buying the engagement ring of his fiance's dreams seemed impossible until he discovered I Do Now I Don't:

"Jewelry stores were starting to close. I never shopped online before and I was nervous to do it, but I ultimately purchased the ring on idonwidont.com at a price much lower than what we would have paid for that same ring at any other jeweler. The seller, in turn, received more than she would have from any jeweler. We both made out great during a time where things looked bleak."

I Do Now I Don't's sales of engagement rings during these difficult times prove love does conquer all. So, for those ready to propose or ready to sell their ring, idonowidont.com is providing the perfect marriage...between sellers and buyers. A happy union for all during these trying times.

Contact: Mara Opperman​​, Co-Founder
Email: mara@idonowidont.com

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